Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ominous signs from Heaven?

The ancients learned to interpret and differentiate various signs from Heaven into auspicious or inauspicious omens. Heavenly signs which signify an oncoming change in rule over China were called a Mandate from Heaven.

With the advent of science and astrology, most people would now consider those who still watch heaven for omens to be of the superstitious kind. Perhaps, most people could be right.

But hold on a second. The ancients could have known more than us about heavenly signs. Here is some food for thought.

Solar and lunar eclipses are becoming quite a common sight for the amateur and expert astrologists. A yearly affair it seems.

However did it ever occur to any reader that there could be some significance in the solar and lunar eclipses that happened in 2008 and about to happen this year, 2009?

The first solar eclipse in 2008 occurred on the first day of Chinese New Year followed two weeks later by the lunar eclipse on the fifteenth day (the first full moon of CNY).

Look at what happened to China and the world, last year. Earthquake, floods, collapse of ‘titans’, global stock market crashes, credit crunch, financial tsunami, chaos and huge unemployment.

By an eerie coincidence, the first solar eclipse in 2009 also occurred on the first day of Chinese New Year. And the first lunar eclipse will also occur on the fifteenth day of CNY – Monday February 9, 2009. If you Google for eclipses, the website at NASA would show there will be six eclipses all told, significantly more than 2007 and 2008, this year.

Is Heaven trying to tell those who can read such signs, something more? How would I know?

By the way, do not forget to hunker down, batten the hatches, and return to the Light.

And do not worry too much about missing the proverbial boat. It is a slow boat from China!

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