Friday, March 26, 2010

The Ancient Tao

The Ancient Tao is something like this:

You cannot see, hear, or grasp it.

By sitting and forgetting, you can feel the heat and see the mystical light.

At higher levels, you can see forms and emptiness interchanging like what Laozi and the Buddha indicated.

Without Te or virtues, you are not the right person.

If pure, still, and empty, you can enter the gates and see galaxies or lands of the thousand Buddhas.

Without going out of the door, you can know what is happening all under heaven and whether there is Tao or not. Without looking out of the window, you can see the Way of heaven.

Once you locate the germinal vesicle, the space between Heaven and Earth, you are on the right path to Tao.

The fire from the germinal vesicle can scorch. If not intense, the fire cannot melt the medicine.

At times, you can hear celestial immortals and Buddhas sing.

Face the eight trigrams and know the ancestor.

Experience Wu Wei, and you will know what you are preparing for.

The Golden Flower shines brilliantly.

You see the original self.

The embryo grows……

Final aim, climb up heaven’s ladder.

Most if not all of the above have been referred to either in the Tao Te Ching, the Zhouyi, the Shurangama, the Zhuangzi (refer Xinzhai and Guangchenzi’s teachings to Huangdi), the Hui Ming Ching, the Hundred Character Stele, the Secret of the Golden Flower, and/or other important Quanzhen texts by Zhong LiQuan and Zhang Boduan.

If we have not experienced some or most of the above possible experiences indicated by the ancients, Daoist celestial immortals, and the Zhen Ren, can we venture to talk about Tao?

Would our discussions constitute the constant or eternal Tao?

As long as the inexperienced or the charlatans do not venture forth to teach Tao, there is goodwill on earth.


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Mark Errington said...

Hello Allan.
This site is wonderful. It seems that all these ancient teachings are interwoven (Ch'an Buddhist sutras,Golden Flower,TTC,I Ching,Zhouyi,etc) and not separate after all.
I need to re-evaluate my study/practice based on this instead of relying on one particular path.