Monday, February 09, 2015

A similar air disaster?

Regular readers especially Malaysians are advised not to fly north to Beijing or to any other countries in between Malaysia and China from the month of March onwards to the first week of May, 2015.

Ample time is given for regular readers to reschedule their holidays or business trips to these countries, if they do not wish to tempt fate.

Similar to the missing MH 370, the flight could also be in the early hours of the morning, and the airplane’s communication system would be damaged by person(s) on board the plane. The airplane will then turn back and fly for a few hours before it reaches its resting place.

If my interpretation of this omen from the Book of Changes (Yijing / I Ching / Zhouyi) is correct, the airplane would come to rest near the vicinity of the missing MH 370.

It is suggested that the current authorities in charge of the search for the missing MH 370 to double check on the military radar readings and on the satellite signals of March 8, 2014. Scientific evidence can sometimes be marred by human flaws or guestimates.

Is there a possibility that the Malaysian military radar has had tracked a different airplane? Are there any possibilities that false signals or signals from another plane had been sent to the Inmarsat satellite instead?

The suggestion is to save much money and time for the authorities before they restart their search for the airplane that has been missing for the past eleven months; with no closure in sight.