Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Emulating ancient Zhou (and Zhuge Liang) (2)

The time was on the morrow, when the king [King Wu] went round his six hosts in state, and made a clear declaration to all his officers. He said, 'Oh I my valiant men of the west, from Heaven are the illustrious courses of duty, of which the (several) requirements are quite plain. And now Shang, the king of Shang, treats with contemptuous slight the five regular (virtues), and abandons himself to wild idleness and irreverence. He has cut himself off from Heaven, and brought enmity between himself and the people.

He cut through the leg-bones of those who were wading, in the morning; he cut out the heart of the worthy man. By the use of his power, killing, and murdering, he has poisoned and sickened all within the four seas. His honours and confidence are given to the villainous and bad.

He has driven from him his instructors and guardians. He has thrown to the winds the statutes and penal laws. He has imprisoned and enslaved the upright officer.

He neglects the sacrifices to heaven and earth. He has discontinued the offerings in the ancestral temple. He makes contrivances of wonderful device and extraordinary cunning to please his wife.

--God will no longer indulge him, but with a curse is sending down on him this ruin. Do ye with untiring zeal support me, the One man, reverently to execute the punishment appointed by Heaven. The ancients have said, "He who soothes us is our sovereign; he who oppresses us is our enemy."

This solitary fellow Shâu, having exercised great tyranny, is your perpetual enemy. (It is said again), "In planting (a man's) virtue, strive to make it great; in putting away (a man's) wickedness, strive to do it from the roots."

Here I, the little child, by the powerful help of you, all my officers, will utterly exterminate your enemy. Do you, all my officers, march forward with determined boldness to sustain your prince. Where there is much merit, there shall be large reward; where you do not so advance, there shall be conspicuous disgrace.

'Oh! (the virtue of) my deceased father Wan was like the shining of the sun and moon. His brightness extended over the four quarters of the land, and shone signally in the western region. Hence it is that our Kâu has received (the allegiance of) many states. If I subdue Shâu, it will not be from my prowess but from the faultless (virtue of) my deceased father Wan.

If Shâu subdue me, it will not be from any fault of my deceased father Wan, but because I, the little child, am not good.'

[Sacred-Texts.com - The Great Declaration (3) Part V The Books of Zhou – Book of History (Shujing)]

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Circulation of the Light and I Ching

The above picture (page 102) is taken from the book, “Tai Chi Chuan and I Ching – Second Edition – by Da Liu, 1981 R&KP". Da Liu, a grandmaster of Tai Chi Chuan, had taught this ever popular Chinese martial art - suitable for both the young and the old - in the US for more than twenty years.

While no accompanying explanations or credits to the picture were given in the book, Da Liu had elaborated on how the movements of Tai Chi Chuan - as founded by Zhang SanFeng - relate to the various hexagrams of the Book of Changes, and to the Circulation of the Light meditation which is represented by the waxing and waning of the Moon hexagrams. (The particular picture has also been published on a neidan blog years ago with no explanation.)

People say that a picture paints a thousand words. But unless they are very familiar with the Book of Changes and/or neidan (inner alchemy) meditation, not many viewers of this fascinating picture – including me at the time of this book purchase in the 1980s - could understand the profound story it wanted to tell.

Those who know what the picture wants to tell are welcome to post their commentary to help readers obtain a better understanding of the mystery.

Meanwhile others have to wait for me to gather my thoughts – contemplation – for the follow up article.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Emulating ancient Zhou (and Zhuge Liang)

____ ____
_________ Kan
____ ____
____ ____ Gen
____ ____

#39 Jian / Obstruction

The southwest furthers.

The northeast does not further.

Hill pours water (Shan Dou Shui)

In the midst of greatest obstructions, friends come.

Pig behind, Ox in front

Previous intimidated multitude arose with one voice

Five one reverse

Falsely jailed minister and patriots march into palace