Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fei Ren in the seventh month

King Wen, the ancient sage king, penned the words, ‘Zhi Fei Ren Bu Li’ (pinyin) as the opening verse for the judgment in hexagram Pi. In the Wilhelm/Baynes translation, it reads as ‘Evil people do not further.’

Fei Ren’ can mean evil people and can also be taken to mean ‘not people’ or ‘non people’. The Chinese call person(s) who commits a dastardly act or acts against humanity - for examples: Hitler, or the Austrian who imprisoned his daughter as a sex slave and their children; ‘Fei Ren’ or even ‘Mo Gui’ (demons).

But since the term can also mean ‘non people’, it can also take the meaning of Ghosts (Gui). Ghosts since they are no longer among the living are certainly ‘not people’.

The seventh month in the Chinese calendar carries a significant meaning to the Chinese in most parts of Asia. This is the month where Daoists and Daoist devotees observe the traditional Hungry Ghosts Festival.

According to Chinese folklore and beliefs, the Hell Gate is opened daily from night to dawn for the entire month to allow ghosts to roam Earth. More can be read at Wikipedia (Google Hungry Ghosts Festival) if you wish.

The seventh month of 2010 started on the 10th of August, and will end on 7th September (the twentieth ninth day of the Chinese month).

As I have indicated before in blog entries, if readers do not believe in these types of phenomena or Daoist beliefs, it is best not to cast any aspersions on it. You may not know what can happen since a popular practice down the ages cannot be treated as mere superstition.

Sages and the wise have briefly explained through the ten wings in the Book of Changes that there are phenomena of light and dark spirits – Shen Gui.

Knowing that the practice exists is good enough for Daoist and Yi students, if they want to learn a thing or two about what can happen in this peculiar month. In case, the not so observant have missed it, dates have been laid out and a hint on timing according to Yi studies has been given.

Some food for thought for Daoist and Yi scholars during this month of the Hungry Ghost Festival, since those who had contributed to the Wikipedia did not know when the tradition has had started. But please do not quote me in the Wiki since I only know a touch of ancients and the Zhouyi.

If you have been observing this peculiar seventh month over the past few decades, you may have noticed that at times, funny things do happen to the Asian financial markets during this particular month.

Fei Ren (the non and/or evil people) may inexplicably decide to play havoc to your life and/or your mountain of treasures. A reason why the judgment says, ‘Evil people do not further’.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Not humane?

In Chapter 5 of the Tao Te Ching, Laozi taught that

Heaven and Earth are not humane and treat all things as straw dogs. In line with that the sage is also not humane treating people as straw dogs.

While many scholars try hard to discern what he meant by those words, his following explanation on the reason why escaped most mainly because scholars are not necessarily neidan practitioners:

The space between Heaven and Earth seems to be like a bellows. It is empty and yet inexhaustible. When active it produces more.

No amount of words can fathom it. It is better to keep to the Center.

In a recent thread in Taobums, there was discussion on Water and/or Fire methods taught by three teachers in the West. I wade in to mention that Confucius taught about the importance of Names. Neither Laozi nor the Buddha taught any water and/or fire methods. In the Yi the only method taught is that of Keeping Still.

Kan (water) and Li (fire) are subjects too deep even for neidan masters let alone students unless they have in depth knowledge about Qian and Kun, Kan and Li in the Book of Changes.

My question put to members (and to readers of this blog), since according to Zhong Liquan and Zhang Boduan, there is where the real work (fire) starts, was:

How many experienced neidan practitioners have you come across that know the exact location of the space between Heaven and Earth?

Since there were no answers even from students of the three teachers in the forum, I hope some readers here can answer my question.

If only few know the space between Heaven and Earth and keep quiet, how can scholars ever discern what Laozi meant in this chapter 5?

Exactly what Laozi taught in Chapter 1, that the Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao? Simple and easy that!

If you still do not understand why Heaven and Earth and the sage are not humane and treat myriad things and people as straw dogs respectively, I cannot help you anymore than that.


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Just for the records (2)

In the previous entry of the same title, a fellow member of the dormant I Ching_Yijing forum kindly reminded me that the 2nd line and the 5th lines of Hexagram 57 Xun changed. Thanks.

Upon checking the divination journal, indeed the two lines had changed.

If I have not read the accompanying notes made after the divination and days of pondering, I would probably not have remembered how the timing of the two events – the Iraq war and the end of it - was calculated.

On the following page of the journal, I noticed that the Yi again insisted on this student asking a question. Similar to the above prognostication, it was another heaven’s secret or omen.

It came in the form of Hexagram 2 Kun and the accompanying notes containing the prediction and the subsequent unfolding filled up an entire foolscap page. (I no longer do this since I can log the unfolding in this blog.) This heaven’s secret was published in the I Ching Community in the summer of 2003.

It foretold of groups of Muslim terrorists acting as holiday makers or tourists bombing trains and national libraries in the US and Europe that summer.

During those few months there were substantial US intelligence reports online that terrorists were planning to bomb bridges and trains. Then it suddenly went all quiet.

In the summer of 2004, groups of Muslim terrorists bombed trains in Madrid, Spain.

In the summer of 2005, groups of Muslim terrorists bombed trains in London, England.

Almost three years after the publication of this heaven’s secret, the then US President George Bush inexplicably revealed that a group of Muslim terrorists were arrested days before they could fly to the US to bomb the Library Tower that summer of 2003.

Can events and truths be hidden from the Yi? No.


Thursday, August 05, 2010

Just for the records

An I Ching prediction on the Iraqi war in 2003 posted by me on the IChing_Yijing probably on 23rd April 2003(?) found while cleaning up my hotmail box, for those interested:

In, "chuko_kungming"

Hi to everyone. This is my first post. Just joined the group (23rd

> Now on the Iraqi war and Iching predictions:
> From the hexagram # 57 obtained by me in Feb 2003, the Iching
> indicated that the Iraqi war would start within 5 days of 15th
> March. And the war will be over by end April or first week of May

Just for the record:

US President George Bush declared deadline for Iraq to disarm by 17th
March 2003, and ordered attack on Iraq on 19th March (US time)/20th
March (Asian time).

He declared end of attack and victory over Iraq on 2nd May 2003.



Time flies. This is just for my published records on heaven’s secrets and omens, since I can no longer access my account in that forum which has been rather dormant for years.

No one could have stopped that war, though many world leaders tried before it happened.