Saturday, June 27, 2009

The mystical Light (2)

If neidan practitioners or Daoist students harbor any doubts whether or not the Circulation of the Light meditation is as ancient as what Lu Dongbin had claimed in his Secret of the Golden Flower, and for assurance, they could study what Zhuangzi wrote in his well known ‘Fasting of the heart/mind’ known as ‘Xin Zhai’ in pinyin. (Also refer to my thoughts on Xin Zhai in the entry dated September 26, 2005.)

If we just use our intellectual minds to understand what he was trying to tell in Xin Zhai, we could miss his key points on the basics of the Circulation of the Light meditation. He had also mentioned that neidan practitioners need to focus on the breath.

Then he indicated that if we look at the aperture, the empty apartment is filled with light through it. After seeing this light, spiritual intelligences will come and take up their dwelling with us. And that the meditation had been practiced by Yu and Shun, Fu Xi and Ki Khu, all their lives.

In the excerpt taken from the Secret of the Golden Flower translated by Richard Wilhelm/ Cary Baynes, (refer to the first entry) intellectuals would probably understand Lu Dongbin’ explanations why the mystical light is not in the body alone, nor is it outside the body because he talked about nature and the mind of man in the first two paragraphs. However these later two paragraphs of the excerpt contain the mystery:

“The light-flower of heaven and earth fills all the thousand spaces.

But the light-flower of the individual body passes through heaven and covers the earth. Therefore as soon as the light is circulating, heaven and earth, mountains and rivers, are all circulating with it at the same time.”

How can this be and what is the light-flower, scholars and intellects may ask or have asked down the millennia?

Probably that is why Laozi said that the Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao, and the Buddha indicated that the Way cannot be understood through the intellect alone.

Since the dual cultivation of essence (meditation) and of bodily life (virtues) is requisite to the understanding of this mystical light (within and without the body).

As a going away gift to a Western student of Quanzhen teachers in China, I had indicated in a post in the Tao Bums that he could see stars and galaxies if the light is bended enough. Probably he thought that either his leg was being pulled, or that I may know something about neidan. Since months earlier in reply to his pointed question, I had told him that I have only read a few books and practice meditation.

But it is good to see some occasional hits from Beijing and other cities of China on this blog after that. Because many of those neidan practitioners or teachers who could see the light and has sufficient heat in their palms to help heal swine flu or flu A (H1N1) happen to live in China. Others could live elsewhere in the world.

If any reader of this entry or their teachers can also see the light during meditation and have sufficient heat in their palms, they can try to heal themselves and/or others of any flu.

Since the viral pandemic has spread across the globe and affecting tens of thousands confirmed cases (according to the CDC, up to a million may have been affected in the US), it could be timely to reveal how these neidan practitioners (the Shi) can help heal swine flu.

The flu virus can be considered both cold and dark. The Shi would require to use the heat from the palms to act against the cold and the light to chase away the dark. (Think of Hexagram Xun, 57.2 or refer to my entries on it.)

Usually before the flu starts, ‘patients’ would complain of sore throats. If a neidan practitioner heals the sore throat by applying heat and the unseen light from his or her palms, then the flu would dissipates before it gets full blown – accompanying running nose, fever and other related symptoms.

If my experiences are correct, the heat and the light from the palms will drive the flu viruses away or at least make them inactive overnight.

While people across the world suffer the common flu at least once or twice a year, my family and I had not suffer from a full blown one for almost a decade, around the time when I first started to apply this thermal healing on myself and on them.

Of course, it would be safer to allow the ‘patients’ to take medication while you assist in the healing with the thermal heat and the light, since I do not know what level you are at in your neidan cultivation.

However if you can also see the stars and/or the galaxies, billions of light years away, like Laozi and Buddha, like the space telescopes of the US – a great contribution by science towards Tao cultivation, I am sure that you can heal these ‘patients’ of their flu.

Nothing more needs to be said of those who have gone beyond these levels since I had already mentioned their strong healing powers in the entry on “Whether the ancient masters can heal swine flu?”

To reflect on this light, perhaps readers should reread the Zhouyi, Tao Te Ching chapter one and the chapters relating to virtues, to understand why the Shi (the ancient masters) can see the way of heaven without looking out of the window.

They would also gain some insight if they also read Xin Zhai, the Shurangama Sutra, the Hindu sutras and texts, and the Secret of the Golden Flower translated by Wilhelm. The ideal thing in our daily and continuous cultivation or practice on earth is to eventually link up to heaven.

In addition, it is not for nothing when the Buddha mentioned that by seeing this light, we can also see the lands of the thousand Buddhas. There are many more wonderful signposts of the Way to be seen or heard.

And it all started by keeping still and cultivating virtues to be the right person. This dual cultivation is taught in the Zhouyi, the Daoist classics and texts, the Confucian books, and the Buddhist sutras. Yet many down the ages ask how? No wonder Laozi lamented that his Tao is easy to follow but most prefer the bypaths.

In case, Yi students and neidan practitioners missed it, according to the Zhouyi, the practice of benevolence (ren) and righteousness (yi) will eventually lead to sincerity (zheng) or inner truth.

To help the weak and needy is righteousness, and to heal the sick is benevolence.

But it is still up to neidan practitioners or the ancient masters if they want to heal swine flu sufferers in their respective country or not.


If you or your teacher fall under the category of neidan practitioners who can see the light and feel the heat during meditation but unsure of how you can help, please post your comments on this entry or sent an email to me. I can provide some further guidance where required.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The mystical Light

More than 2,500 years ago, Laozi taught it, years later Buddha spoke about it; Hindu deities had also mentioned this mystical light.

Several centuries earlier, the Light was already incorporated in the Book of Changes by the holy sages, so was Tao, yet few seemed to notice or able to relate it with the Way.

Perhaps it is rather hip to discuss yin yang instead of the dark and the light, since the later minted terms (c 300 BC) have been used to represent many other things in the modern world. While yang can represent the light, the Daoist celestial immortal, Lu Dongbin in his Secret of the Golden Flower mentioned it was Guan Yinshi, the student of Laozi, who first revealed the Circulation of the Light meditation.

Why it is called the Circulation of the Light meditation perhaps has significance to the esoteric. Down the millennia those who practice meditation are many and they understand what Qi is. But not many actually understand or know about the mystical light that circulates together with the Qi.

There was once an online article written (the website hosted by two Koreans was since taken down) about a Korean King who was equally mystified who one day decided to give a big reward to anyone in his Court or any scholar who could provide a coherent answer on this mystical light. Apparently no one came forward to claim the reward.

Few meditation teachers know about the mystical light. If their students are ever taught the full circulation of Qi, known as the small heavenly orbit (Xiao Zhou Tian), no one seems to mention about this light.

An elderly ex-colleague of mine was taught the small heavenly orbit by visiting Taiwanese masters for a few years. After asking him about the light, he told me that he could only see darkness during meditation. Knowing his character well and that he can keep secrets, I gave him a few pointers.

A few months later, I asked him about his progress and he told me he could see the light. ‘How was it?’ I asked. ‘Very bright’, he exclaimed with joy.

You see, a neidan practitioner needs proper safeguards during meditation. Apart from humility and heat, the mystical light is also very important. (For further information, please refer to the entry on safeguards placed under Notes on meditation. The same safeguards have been posted in the Taobums forum to point out to a neidan beginner who felt cold during meditation and was seemingly being disturbed by dark or yin spirits.)

According to Lu Dongbin, this mystical light is not in the body alone, nor is it only outside the body.

“Mountains and rivers and the great earth are lit by sun and moon; all that is this light. Therefore it is not only within the body.

Understanding and clarity, perception and enlightenment, and all movements (of the spirit) are likewise this light; therefore it is not just something outside the body.

The light-flower of heaven and earth fills all the thousand spaces.

But the light-flower of the individual body passes through heaven and covers the earth. Therefore, as soon as the light is circulating, heaven and earth, mountains and rivers, are all circulating with it at the same time.”

If you understand clearly what the heavenly immortal had said above, you can go and claim the big reward from the royal Korean court!

But if you are asked to prove it, no adept can. Since how can any neidan adept ever show you the light circulating and which can only be seen within? They can show you heat by touch but they cannot show the mystical light until they have become enlightened. By then, they may not even want to discuss anything, let alone blog!

Yet they may consider it of merit to help the weak and the needy; and heal the sick with their strong heat and the light emitting from their hands. In a way, they could be assisting the gods (include heavenly immortals and Buddhas)?

The third class scholars will laugh and some other scholars may scoff at what has been discussed, but that is Tao. With this entry, perhaps earnest students may have learned something more.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Could the ancient masters (Shi) heal swine flu patients?

Now that the World Health Organization had, belatedly according to various health experts, announced a pandemic of swine flu known as A (H1N1), there was a sudden big jump in confirmed cases in certain countries that had hidden the real figures.

It is in a way, unjust for hiding the confirmed figures, since they had been ‘exporting’ the flu via foreign students returning to their home countries, usually less developed ones, for summer or winter holidays. I understand that the US summer break started the week ended May 10, 2009(?).

Well, in the real world, the rich or the strong bullies the poor or the weak. And if man cannot do anything about it, heaven may sometimes help. But I digress.

According to the symptoms reported, swine flu like any other type of flu can be cured since it is a viral infection. Whether or not, the ancient masters (Shi) could heal swine flu patients is the topic in question.

When the ancient masters can observe the mysterious and contemplate the profound, and see the numerous gates, they can without a doubt heal swine flu patients. After all it is not that difficult.

Neidan practitioners who already have confirmation(s) like those mentioned in the Secret of the Golden Flower by Lu Dongbin would also be able to heal themselves and others of swine flu. So would those who have Qi flows 24/7.

Even those neidan practitioners who can feel heat and can see the Light during meditation may be able to heal themselves and others of swine flu.

Therefore definitely the ancient masters can heal swine flu patients. They would have more than the requisite heat and the Light to cure any viral infections.

But would they lend a helping hand is another question altogether.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Air disasters (2)

After reading news on the Air France missing plane, a reader wrote in on June 2nd to ask if the revealed heaven secret for 2009 was for airborne diseases or for air disasters. My simple reply was that I had blogged the Air disasters' entry early (March 28, 2009) to forewarn readers so that they could plan their flights accordingly.

If not for the sudden loud thunders, the entry title on March 28 would very well have been – ‘Air disasters and wind-borne diseases’. Check what was written on the post script of that particular entry.

Readers could also miss out that my eldest sister had intended to fly back in May. (Refer May 2, 2009 entry on Outbreak of wind-borne diseases.)

The ill fated Air France Flight 447 with 228 people on board went missing on the night of May 31, 2009 en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. With updated reports coming in, the plane met with heavy turbulence (strong winds / thunderstorms).

According to aviation experts, investigators, and authorities - the modern version of Priests and Magicians, it could be the fault of speed sensors known as pitot tubes (yet to be confirmed).

“BEA (the French air accident agency) said the A330 had sent out 24 error messages in four minutes including one indicating a discrepancy in speed data. It said similar problems had happened before. Air France said it had first noticed in May 2008 that ice in the sensors was causing lost data in planes like the A330, but that it failed to agree with Airbus [the plane manufacturer], on steps to take.” [Reuters Sunday June 7, 2009]

In the first entry on Air disasters, I have already put IATA and the aviation authorities on notice to monitor the proper maintenance and the equipment of air planes. We are in the midst of a global recession, no?

Apparently some Air France pilots will now not fly the A330s if two out of the existing three pitot tubes were not replaced. How much do three new pitot tubes cost, by the way!

If we also think of what the WHO is currently doing – shifting goal posts and not following the preset condition for declaring a pandemic or a level six for the A (H1N1) flu. The flu has already infected over 26,500 people in 73 countries with 140 deaths. It seems that money is more important than human lives in developed countries, recently.

The Yi also told En Medio de la Tierra in April that the Mexican government got it wrong by declaring that the A (H1N1) flu was declining in their country. They are supposed to monitor and control the outbreak. Look what have they done to their own people? Out of the reported 140 deaths, one hundred Mexicans have died from the disease.

According to news reports, if all 228 people on board the Air France Flight 447 died, it could be the worst air disaster since 2001. And summer is not over yet.

Heaven’s secrets are something like this.

Do the Wu (court diviners/magicians) and sincere Yi aficionados really have to step out of the door to know what is happening in the world?