Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Who will save me?

In Spring 2014, Daoist celestial immortal, Wong Tai Sin gave me a poem by way of a qin when I paid a visit to his popular temple in HK. The poem turned out to be an ominous omen:

“Clouds envelop Qinling Mountain and I do not know where my home is.
The snow covers Languan Pass and the horses will go no further.”

It was the same prophetic poem given by Han Xiangzi to Han Yu, his uncle which unfolded. Han Yu was a top poet and influential Neo Confucian of Tang at the time. Han Yu was later exiled to ChaoChui by the Tang Emperor and on the way there his horses had refused to move because of a blizzard. Soon he was covered by snow and faced impending death until his nephew, Han Xiangzi appeared to rescue him.
[Read Canadian Museum of History online – Volumes 1 and 2 - to appreciate the poem and the story behind it.] Han Xiangzi is one of the famous eight Daoist immortals. (Ba Xian)

Lately, I realized why my current dire situation is about the same as Han Yu and in need of rescue.

While Han Yu had had Han Xiangzi to rescue him during the blizzard and from impending death, which divinity will come to save me from the calamity? I have prayed.

Monday, February 09, 2015

A similar air disaster?

Regular readers especially Malaysians are advised not to fly north to Beijing or to any other countries in between Malaysia and China from the month of March onwards to the first week of May, 2015.

Ample time is given for regular readers to reschedule their holidays or business trips to these countries, if they do not wish to tempt fate.

Similar to the missing MH 370, the flight could also be in the early hours of the morning, and the airplane’s communication system would be damaged by person(s) on board the plane. The airplane will then turn back and fly for a few hours before it reaches its resting place.

If my interpretation of this omen from the Book of Changes (Yijing / I Ching / Zhouyi) is correct, the airplane would come to rest near the vicinity of the missing MH 370.

It is suggested that the current authorities in charge of the search for the missing MH 370 to double check on the military radar readings and on the satellite signals of March 8, 2014. Scientific evidence can sometimes be marred by human flaws or guestimates.

Is there a possibility that the Malaysian military radar has had tracked a different airplane? Are there any possibilities that false signals or signals from another plane had been sent to the Inmarsat satellite instead?

The suggestion is to save much money and time for the authorities before they restart their search for the airplane that has been missing for the past eleven months; with no closure in sight.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Guard ammunition dumps!

According to an omen from the Book of Changes, a religious fervor group is planning something bold and daring that could shock the world and its financial markets.

If my interpretation of the omen is accurate, the first part of their plan is to raid ammunition dumps for munitions – rockets, missiles, guns and ammo – before carrying out the second part which is to kill innocents in another area and/or in another country.

Groups of six youths (can include female) would make a lightning dawn raid on the ammunition dumps. If successful, they will truck the munitions away to carry out the rest of the plan.

Therefore to deter this religious fervor group from successfully carrying their evil plan, governments should strengthen and place the guard on alert at their respective ammunition dumps or depots. Replace incompetent guard commanders, if any.

The governments of countries which were mentioned in my potpourri of updates would be well advised to do so if they want to protect their citizens and other innocents.


The religious fervor group is well known and probably on every Western and Asian government lips. These daring youths probably have war experiences, unlike some guards at the ammunition dumps.

Hope the deterrence would be good enough to stop them from carrying out the first part of their plan.

The countries which they will probably carry out their strikes at (part one and part two) will remain undisclosed – no free lunch.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Potpourri of updates

1) Readership

While readers from the US still dominate the readership of the blog for most months of the year, the Russians came up top followed by the Ukrainians in the months of September and October 2014 showing particular interests on subjects of the duality concept, neidan (inner alchemy), and a study of the ancient Way (Tao).

For the past two weeks, the French has surprisingly topped the weekly readership while much fewer Russians, probably affected by their country’s economic crisis, came to read the blog.

Readership from China and Taiwan has also shown an increase with particular hits on the prophecies of the Ma Qian Ke, on Yijing Hexagrams, and on the Sage in Hexagram 28 Da Gou / Preponderance of the Great probably to verify what many eminent Chinese scholars in the past have had missed. If not for the twelfth prophecy of Zhuge Liang (Kongming) in the Ma Qian Ke and the rechecking on the Analects of Confucius, I would have missed the sage in the particular hexagram too. Yijing aficionados who have the ability to divine like a spirit (Shen) should be able to see the sage in the Da Gou hexagram as well.

2) No free lunch

For two years, I have not posted global omens before their unfolding. It is not that the Book of Changes did not want to tell me something - my spiritual awareness was raised on several occasions in 2014 and last week - but since the omens are of no concern to me, I did not consult the Yijing at all. And left it to fate (Ming).

If governments want to spend hundreds of millions of US dollars to protect their citizens and yet fail to do so, or to locate a missing airliner and still have not done so, what has that got to do with me? (Refer to one of the four global omens published in 2009 which indicated an impending airline crash before it occurred, if interested.) So much for wisely saving pennies and foolishly spending the pounds, the British would tend to say!

If government agencies with the expectation of more free lunches read my blog to scour for forthcoming global omens, it would hardly be surprising if terrorists will also do that before they set out on their preplanned atrocious schemes to kill as many innocents as possible. (Remember my published global omen a decade ago about Muslim terrorists pretending to be tourists will bomb a Library (Tower), bridges, train stations in the US and Europe in summer?)

Is there a possibility that the terrorists who happened to be French have had also read the blog before they set out to murder several cartoonists in cold blood in Paris? Or was it pure coincidence that the French suddenly topped the readership of the blog for the past two weeks?

3) Month long visit

Recently, my family and I have had crossed the great waters to visit relatives who have migrated to distant lands. It has been many years since I have seen some of these kinfolk. My adult children have probably not met their paternal granduncle and an uncle before. It is both refreshing and a joy to meet up with relatives to reminiscence of old times. I am happy to find them all fit and healthy.

The children enjoyed themselves playing with snow on Mount Ruapehu in NZ since they had not seen real snow before. The NZ strawberries in season were large and sweet. So were the cherries and apricots in Australia. Love the fruits, and the cherries were a few-fold cheaper than those sold in Malaysia. While the total expenditure for the month long visit down under can buy a small new car, for the reasons stated, it was rather worth it.

By coincidence, the sun came out to greet us when we arrived in Auckland. It had been raining quite heavily for days before. Expected, I told my wife with a smile. Although there were some Spring showers and spitting during our stay in NZ, each time they lasted only for a short while. The sun came out in force when we were in Melbourne. Meanwhile, I was told that it was raining cats and dogs in Kuala Lumpur for almost the entire month of my absence.

For the observant, it would be a rather strange phenomenon, but it happens. This could be a benefit for being central, correct and blessed?

If readers have to guess where the money comes from for the trips to Hong Kong and Macau, and down under in 2014, they have not been reading my blog on a regular basis!

4) Free lunches

Free lunches have been provided to Malaysian investors in the KLSE over the years and I still do if they have not noticed. Just read what I do with my shares investments in the KLSE. If I clear most of my stockholdings, the KLSE usually experiences drastic falls not long after that!