Sunday, October 30, 2005

Notes on Hexagram 16 Yu / Enthusiasm

The Yi continues to provide accurate oracles to Professor Sam Crane on matters of state in the United States of America. Therefore the sages say that Heaven favors the good and by virtue of being good, the sincere too, since good actions invariably lead to sincerity (TTC 79, Doctrine of the Mean / Chung Yung 23). Incase you are unaware; Sam posts an I Ching reading every Friday in his blog, The Useless Tree. The oracles posted for the past several weeks have so far unfolded exactly as what the Yi has indicated; therefore one spoke in jest in his blog the other day that if President Bush ever requires advice from the Yi, he would be appointed to provide the divinations.

His latest question to the Yi (or I Ching) on “how should President Bush handle this growing political problem?” was answered by way of Hexagram 16 Yu / Enthusiasm with the first and fourth lines changing and a resultant Hexagram 24 Fu / Return. As usual, Sam has provided an appropriate interpretation of the oracle. In support one will provide a wider perspective on the reading to take into account of other areas which the Yi may have indicated to this sincere fellow diviner.

The Yu hexagram carries a special significance because it was one of the earliest accurate oracles given on a share investment in London back in the 1970s. The newly quoted stock (Mercantile House) in the LSE went up a few folds about three years later. Indeed translator Alfred Douglas who named this hexagram as Calm Confidence knew what he was onto.

From the trigrams of Zhen and Kun, the hexagram actually depicts more things than the commentary suggest, although the ancient commentary captures its essence in Books I and III [W/B] with the emphasis on Devotion instead of the hidden virtue. However since it suffices to rely on the word, Devotion to move the action, one would use it to expand on the reading of hexagram Yu. Perhaps the truly earnest may take note of this comment to further their Yi studies.

A Yi reading for the US President calls for caution and humility since it concerns important matters of state. Only the sincere, with the likelihood of Yi answering with Hexagram 22 Bi / Grace (think Confucius), will be called upon to divine such great matters. Reading Yi answers to Sam’s past several questions gave the impression that he fulfills the requirements and has the appropriate qualifications to merit an appointment to such an important post if ever (no presumptions there) one is created in times of trouble and great hesitations on matters of state.

To add onto Sam’s interpretation of the latest oracle, we shall look at the judgment and the commentary on the decision in Book III and see whether we can derive more meaning from it. The judgment says: “Enthusiasm. It furthers one to install helpers and to set armies marching.” Relevant commentary on the decision: “Because Enthusiasm shows devotion (Kun) to movement (Zhen), heaven and earth are at its side. How much the more then is it possible to install helpers and set armies marching!” “The holy man moves with devotion; therefore fines and punishments become just, and the people obey. Great indeed is the meaning of the time of Enthusiasm.” [W/B 467]

Six at the beginning means: “Enthusiasm that expresses itself brings misfortune.”
The man indicated here enthusiastically boasts his aristocratic connection to the great minister in the fourth. He becomes arrogant and egoistic therefore invites misfortune through improper conduct. As this is the first line of the hexagram, perhaps the indicated situation has already occurred – Libby has been charged and probably a few more would be implicated. Since there is no leeway to back track, the prediction moves upwards to the fourth changing line.

Nine in the fourth place means: “The source of enthusiasm. He achieves great things. Doubt not. You gather friends around you as a hair clasp gathers the hair.” ‘This describes a man who is able to awaken enthusiasm through his own sureness and freedom from hesitation. He attracts people because he has no doubts and is wholly SINCERE.’

Perhaps providing an overview is in order for the sake of clarity since the oracle forms part of sequent changes indicated by the Yi to Sam. (Refer to Understanding changes (2).) Like the current one, all the previous oracles since the question on Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans relates to the US president and his ‘men’ (includes women in certain cases). The Yi keeps saying that the US President needs to be sincere, in this last case devoted, to his people and country as any good leader should be. Appointments to the highest posts of the land should be based on meritocracy and not solely on friendship which can imply cronyism. The appointment and nomination of various unqualified or unsuitable people to senior posts have led to acrimony from both his party and majority of the people, compounded by insincerity to wage war against Iraq at great expense to the US.

Therefore with the latest oracle, the Yi is once again advising the President to install the right helpers to restore enthusiasm to the people and his party. No one is above the law (indicated by the first line and the commentary to the decision); justice must be served if enthusiasm is to be aroused. Another matter unresolved is that of the status of FEMA and the gradual development of NO which can show his requisite devotion to the people. Then again it is entirely up to President Bush whether he wants to master his own fate and to bring back enthusiasm for his leadership.

This would then allow both Sam and me to remain blameless.


Allan said...

Just when one posted the entry, this relevant news report came in.

WASHINGTON - Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said Sunday that President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should apologize for the actions of their aides in the CIA leak case. Reid, D-Nev., also said Bush should pledge not to pardon any aides convicted as a result of the investigation into the disclosure of CIA officer Valerie Plame's identity. "There has not been an apology to the American people for this obvious problem in the White House," Reid said.

AP 46 minutes ago (

Allan said...

Public opinion appears to be running against Bush. Almost half the public, 46 percent, say the level of ethics and honesty in the federal government has fallen with Bush as president, according to an ABC News-Washington Post poll.

Republican Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi said Bush should be on the lookout for "new blood, new energy, qualified staff, new people in administration." He said poor advice may have even contributed to the failed nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

A grand jury charged Libby on Friday with five felonies alleging obstruction of justice, perjury to a grand jury and making false statements to FBI agents. If convicted, he could face a maximum of 30 years in prison and $1.25 million in fines.

Reid said Rove should resign or be fired for even discussing Plame. He recalled that Bush once said he would fire anyone involved in the leak, although Bush later amended that standard to say he would fire anyone convicted of a crime. "If he's a man of his word, Rove should be history," Reid said on CNN's "Late Edition."

Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said Rove has not been charged with any crime and that any talk of him stepping down is politically motivated. "Senator Reid is entitled to his opinion, but he's not the president of the United States, and he doesn't administer justice in this country," Specter said.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., urged an internal investigation and that Bush, "if need be, take the vice president to the wood shed."

"The real question for President Bush is going to be: is he going to be like Nixon — hunker down, get into the bunker, admit no mistakes," Schumer said, "or like Reagan, who actually admitted mistakes, did a midcourse correction and brought in new people, bipartisan people, people above ethical reproach, into the White House."

AP 2 hours 30 mins ago (

Similarities to what the Yi has already indicated to Professor Sam Crane?