Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Buddhist spiritual tale

Perhaps it may be timely to tell some true stories about divinities from different religions which one has heard first hand or know about the strange happenings, as Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas after all is to celebrate a special spiritual event, the birth of Jesus Christ.

This short story is about a young Malaysian teenager who lives in Germany. His parents work in Germany and he attends school there. One day he complained about a headache and he was taken to see a doctor. The doctor found nothing wrong and sent him home with some medicine for his headache. As the headaches became more chronic and regular, the doctor recommended sending him to the hospital for a head scan. Nothing unusual was found upon the scan. But over time his headaches became more severe, specialists were consulted with further scans taken without yielding a clue as to what was wrong with the young teenager. This went on for months and his parents were getting desperate as to what to do.

About this time, there were some relatives and friends from Malaysia who came to visit them in Germany. After recalling old times together they eventually talked about their son’s headache when one of the visitors suggested to his parents to take him back to visit a Buddhist temple where some of those ill have been miraculously cured by Buddha. Since there was no harm in trying and their family had not been back for a while, they made the necessary arrangements to take the long trip to this temple in Malaysia.

The head of the temple was contacted and arrangements were made for the boy to stay over for a week. Upon arrival in the temple and after having rested it was time for the spiritual healing, if any. The boy was sat in front of the master who was in a light trance. Through the master, Buddha told the parents that a tumor in the boy’s brain was the source of the severe pain. However a ‘dark’ force residing inside his head covers the tumor so well that scans cannot reveal it. With the explanation, the master still in a trance proceeded with the spiritual healing of the young teenager for three sessions. Each session (at night) lasts less than an hour. (These healings are free of charge and the master and her disciples all work for their livelihood during the day.) At the end of the third nightly session, after the 'dark' force was cast out, the parents were asked to take the boy to a hospital in Kuala Lumpur the following day to have a brain scan. Sure enough, this time the scan revealed the tumor.

The boy was operated on and the tumor taken out. The last I heard was that the boy was fine with no more such headaches.

A strange tale but true even though we cannot understand spiritual things with the intellectual mind, a point Buddha emphasized to Anand in the Shurangama Sutra (Leng Yen). Neither can science be used to explain away such spiritual matters.

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