Thursday, July 12, 2007

Knowing the Yi (3)

Recently one had mentioned mild warnings by the Zhouyi on investments in the KLSE. Experienced Yi diviners would know what was meant by mild or minor warnings but the less experienced may not.

Mild warnings comprise of admonitions from the Yi on small mistakes made by man and which do not cause grief or suffering to others and self.

In April this year, after clearing most of my stocks for profits, one had asked the Zhouyi on the intended investment in the shares of six public quoted companies. Two of the answers from the Yi contained such minor warnings on the investments.

What were they, some may ask? Let me reveal the prognostications on both investments for discussion purposes.

The prognostication on the first investment came in the form of Hexagram 24 Fu / Return with the bottom and third lines changing.

The first line in Fu says:
Return from a short distance. No need for remorse. Great good fortune.

The third line says:
Repeated return. Danger. No blame.

The price of this particular share went up slightly before drifting lower and by the end of May, the stock had fallen by 23%. One had cut losses on this share in June to hold cash. The loss on investment was roughly 10%. It was a small loss. The mild warnings were contained in the two lines that changed, if readers have not spotted them, – “No need for remorse”; “Danger. No blame”.

At the time of writing this entry, its shares price has yet to rebound back to the price at the time of the divination after several attempts over the past one and the half months. (Think repeated return)

The prognostication on the second investment was Hexagram 44 Gou / Encounter with the third, fourth, and top lines changing.

The third line says:
There is no skin on his thighs, and walking comes hard. If one is mindful of the danger, no great mistake is made.

The fourth line says:
No fish in the tank. This leads to misfortune.

The top line says:
He comes to meet with his horns. Humiliation. No blame.

After the purchase of the shares and feeling uneasy because of the mild and severe warnings from the Yi, the investment was sold off a few days after the purchase. Loss on investment was minimal.

Not long after the disposal, the company announced a default in the interest payment of its loan stocks. Its share price fell almost 30% after the bad news. The price of this stock is still hovering at the recent lows. (Think misfortune, humiliation)

The third line of Gou contained the mild warning, in case Yi students missed it.

I was really concerned over the severity of warnings contained in the other two moving lines of the hexagram therefore the entire investment was disposed of shortly after the purchase.

The sales proceeds from both investments have since been reinvested in other stocks over the past few days.

Perhaps if Yi students receive such prognostications in future, they can easily know how to differentiate between mild warnings and those which are considered severe.

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