Sunday, December 02, 2007

Clear as day

Two weeks ago before my Daoist friend left for another overseas mission, he asked about the stock market. According to the Yi chart, I had told him, share prices will fall further that week before a rebound the following week – the last week of November. I also suggested that his ancestor master, the Quanzhen heavenly immortal is sending them out of the country at the right time for another extended mission. If the South Korean stock market tumbles, second board counters in the KLSE will go limits down just like in 1997. He asked how could second board counters go limits down when their prices are so low. He raised a valid question, but sometimes unseen phenomena such as timing and changes in Yi studies cannot be easily understood by the rational mind.

While the KLCI rebounded and recovered this last week of November with the re-listing of Sime Darby Bhd as an enlarged merged entity, most low liners fell. Three low liners including a second board counter had gone limit down (30% lower) on Wednesday. The particular second board counter hit limit down again the next day and on Friday. Whether more will follow or not, I cannot tell you since I am not a ShenXian and do not want to be punished for revealing one too many secrets of Heaven. Just be extra careful this coming week.

Over the past couple of months, prices of stocks that I had sold in September had fallen by 30%. So did a number of other low liners. By the week ending Friday, November 30th, some government linked stocks had fallen below their lows during the panics of August 17th and of end February 2007.

Many retail players still cling onto false hopes and beliefs in the vested-interest rumors that the general election would be called shortly. Even when many low liners have fallen by 50% or more from their highs in 2007?

Quite a number of retail players in the Malaysian stock market have been burnt recently by dabbling in numerous available call warrants on Chinese and Hong Kong stocks including the Hang Seng Index. I understand that some have lost ‘new cars or houses’ (or cash equivalent), hope they do not lose the shirts on their backs or start ‘knocking off’ their remisiers (stockbrokers’ assistants) for wrong calls or advices. We still need remisiers for our trades. Stockbrokers could be carrying heavy contra losses since they have started to sue retail players for small debts, in the region of a few thousands ringgit. It was frightening to hear or read about retail players committing suicide during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.

If readers have started to consult the Yi for their investments after doing the necessary homework, try to follow the advice given in the prognostications otherwise what is the point of asking for one. Might as well invest ‘blindly’ and hope for the best, even when the divine teacher says in not so many words, ‘Get out of the market, or get rid of that particular stock!’

If the Yi prognostications given to you and published are inaccurate, one would not mention the inaccuracy, but if they are clear as day and you have interpreted them correctly, what more can I add?

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