Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Spanish forum for Yi students

I understand from Luis Andrade that the Spanish Forum E-Ching had just disappeared from the web recently without a trace. It is sad to see the demise of a good forum, where Yi fellows gather to discuss their studies and divination practices, and where the more experienced diviners share their insights and experiences with novices.

To cater for Spanish speaking Yi aficionados, Luis has just started a new forum called Foro Yijing. It is kind of him to host such a forum to further Yi studies.

Luis (sparhawk), Jesed and Regreso who post on the new forum are among those whom I deemed upright in their sharing of insights and experiences with Yi fellows. If Spanish readers like to discuss their Yi studies and divination practices with them and other likeminded fellows, I am sure you would be more than welcomed in that forum.

As of today, I have replaced the defunct Forum E-Ching with the Foro Yijing in the recommended links. It is just a click away. Have fun.



Luis said...
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Luis Andrade said...

Thanks so much, Allan! It is an honor.

All the best,