Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hint for a regular reader

Over the past few weeks, I was faced with a dilemma whether to tell a regular reader who lives in an island state of what to do or just leave it to fate. But the person believes in Daoist deities providing protection.

I would have followed my friends’ advice not to say anything, if the reader had not visited my blog this week, I had promised myself. But the person did. The way Tao works is sometimes beyond our understanding.

Maybe I could give a hint to this reader instead of revealing too much of a heaven’s secret. The person concerned would be aware of the indicated timing.

Take note:

“Avoid waiting for the birds, which flew off, to return again in the particular month of 2010, and the month after that.

It could be advisable to stay or visit friends and kin in the mainland for those two months of the year.”



Steve said...

Reminds me of Hanfei's story of waiting for a hare by a stump.

It is always good advice to say: do anything, or nothing, but don't sit in expectation.

Allan said...

Hi Steve,

To be fair, with the hint provided, the person concerned would only know about the two months – when the particular birds will start arriving at the island state.

The island may face imminent danger during the indicated time. It could be one of the many shocks expected this year – the blogging continues. There is no indication so far that the person knows this.

Instead of unnecessarily frightening people, especially ladies, with what is to come, providing subtle hints is perhaps gentler.

For instance, a Malaysian lady studying in Australia was very concerned about flying home for holidays during summer 2009 after reading my entries on Air Disasters. When asked, I have to console her not to worry too much and to leave it to fate. She flew back, enjoyed her holidays and has since returned to her studies in Australia.

baroness radon said...

Which "mainland?"

Allan said...

USA, not China.

baroness radon said...

I'll keep you posted, so to speak.