Thursday, August 05, 2010

Just for the records

An I Ching prediction on the Iraqi war in 2003 posted by me on the IChing_Yijing probably on 23rd April 2003(?) found while cleaning up my hotmail box, for those interested:

In, "chuko_kungming"

Hi to everyone. This is my first post. Just joined the group (23rd

> Now on the Iraqi war and Iching predictions:
> From the hexagram # 57 obtained by me in Feb 2003, the Iching
> indicated that the Iraqi war would start within 5 days of 15th
> March. And the war will be over by end April or first week of May

Just for the record:

US President George Bush declared deadline for Iraq to disarm by 17th
March 2003, and ordered attack on Iraq on 19th March (US time)/20th
March (Asian time).

He declared end of attack and victory over Iraq on 2nd May 2003.



Time flies. This is just for my published records on heaven’s secrets and omens, since I can no longer access my account in that forum which has been rather dormant for years.

No one could have stopped that war, though many world leaders tried before it happened.



Jesed said...

"No one could have stopped that war, though many world leaders tried before it happened."

Hope this time (Kore and/or Iran) would be diferent

Best wishes

Rodrigo (aka Jesed)

Allan said...

The only difference this time is that there are real WMDs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,
2nd and 5th lines moving if I remember correctly. Clash moving to clash. A 2 step development could be foreseen. Bad news broken before the "emperor" moves one step forward.
That was an accurate reading.