Saturday, September 11, 2010

No more bets, please!

Whether you are swimming in liquidity or holding onto your stocks and/or realty investments, nothing much can be done over the weekend when financial markets close.

You can no longer scramble to place more chips onto your favorite number(s) in roulette when the casino croupier calls out, ‘No more bets, please!’ Neither can you withdraw your bets fast enough, if rules allowed, before the spinning ball drops.

You have made a bet and place your fate on Lady Luck. Life and fortune are often like that, unless you possess foreknowledge of time and space to master your fate.

But such foreknowledge is difficult to come by even if Yi aficionados have studied and consulted the Book of Changes for many a decade. Just be earnest and sincere in your Yi studies and consultations and continue to persevere. Your time may come with the ability to divine like a spirit.

Meanwhile forewarnings have been given to regular readers, to prepare in advance, in previous entries. Nothing else to do except, wait.

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