Monday, March 21, 2011


If we want to deal with or write about something sensitive to others (regular readers, public, government authorities) we need to apply a softly-softly approach to the matter at hand. If it happens to be a matter of life or death then we may have to be more direct and to the point. Otherwise subtle hints will do if we want to be circumspect or discreet.

Revealing and/or blogging on omens, given by the Book of Changes, over the many years have taught me that.

If an unlucky omen has nothing to do with someone, and unless they ask, it would be pointless to let them know.

If publishing the omen in the blog can help readers prepare themselves on anything untoward that may occur in their country or to them, before it happens, then it could be worthwhile to do so. But if there are only infrequent readers or none at all from the country concerned to read your blog then your every effort to publish the omen go to waste, since it helps no one.

Furthermore, certain countries apply strict restrictions over what can be posted in public blogs by their citizens. If the government authorities deem what are published in the blog to be sensitive issues, the blogger living in that country could be arrested and charged in court. Thus the softly-softly approach applies to an entry even if it deals with omens which relates to the particular country.

Regular readers may be surprised why there was no discussion on the recent big earthquake and tsunami in Japan in this blog. Should there be one? There is already an ongoing and extensive coverage by the world media to show the devastation, the suffering, and the pain, and the burning of nuclear reactors at a crippled plant.

I just wonder why the seismic experts did not spot this big one coming to forewarn Japan. They have been spending much time and efforts trying to predict it over the decades.

In case some readers wonder if I foreknow anything, read the entries published in the months of February and May 2010 on the mention of earthquakes.

In February 2010, a distant relative – a New Zealander - came and stayed over for Chinese New Year. Since he had just retired, I suggested that he read the Yi. After explaining to him what students can learn from this ancient classic, he asked if earthquakes can strike his country, New Zealand just like the January one that struck Haiti. And I said yes.

But the big ones, I further told him, could strike China and Japan, followed by tsunamis.

There were so many earthquakes and related deaths in the world last year and to date that I have already lost count.

By the way, the New Zealander and my kin live in the North Island while Christchurch where the earthquakes struck is located in the South Island of New Zealand. And they are safe.


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