Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sign of the Valley Spirit(s) (Gu Shen)

This short article is written for the esoteric and those who have not read ‘The Secret of the Golden Flower’. In the previous article, I have had mentioned that pedant scholars and whiz kids who do not practise would never get to know the real meaning of Valley Spirit(s), and here is the reason why:

‘Now there are three confirmatory experiences which can be tested. The first is that, when one has entered the state of meditation, the gods are in the valley. Men are heard talking as though at a distance of several hundred paces, each one quite clear. But the sounds are all like an echo in a valley. One can always hear them, but never oneself. This is called the presence of the gods in the valley.’
[The Secret of the Golden Flower by Lu Dongbin as translated by Richard Wilhelm]

Although there are additional written signs on the Valley Spirit phenomenon, this clear explanation of the Valley Spirit(s) by Lu Dongbin should suffice for neidan practitioners who have yet to obtain good aptitude.

Take note not to mix up your understanding with that of the Valley Spirit and the Mysterious Female phenomena of Chapter Six (6) of the Tao Te Ching since the combination depicts a much higher level of attainment, that of reaching the Center (Zhong). And as Laozi indicated therein, the Center seems to continuously exist. Therefore similar to the Valley Spirit, the Mysterious Female will also not die.

I append below my simple translation of Chapter Six of the Tao Te Ching for your easy reference to this brief discussion:

The Valley Spirit(s) die not, likewise the Mysterious Female.

The door of the mysterious female is the root of Heaven and Earth.

Continuously it seems to exist, use it without exertion.

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