Thursday, April 11, 2013

Emulating ancient Zhou (and Zhuge Liang)

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_________ Kan
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#39 Jian / Obstruction

The southwest furthers.

The northeast does not further.

Hill pours water (Shan Dou Shui)

In the midst of greatest obstructions, friends come.

Pig behind, Ox in front

Previous intimidated multitude arose with one voice

Five one reverse

Falsely jailed minister and patriots march into palace


Anonymous said...

No explaination at all?

Allan said...

Readers are fortunate that I am not as wise as Zhuge Liang; otherwise they will only have four verses as embedded in each of his Ma Qian Ke prophecy - instead of eight – to decipher the omen.

If Yijing aficionados in the West cannot provide a commentary on the omen, perhaps those from China would be able to do so. Who knows, certainly not me.

Therefore still No Fish for the US Agencies and their contractors!