Friday, January 23, 2015

Guard ammunition dumps!

According to an omen from the Book of Changes, a religious fervor group is planning something bold and daring that could shock the world and its financial markets.

If my interpretation of the omen is accurate, the first part of their plan is to raid ammunition dumps for munitions – rockets, missiles, guns and ammo – before carrying out the second part which is to kill innocents in another area and/or in another country.

Groups of six youths (can include female) would make a lightning dawn raid on the ammunition dumps. If successful, they will truck the munitions away to carry out the rest of the plan.

Therefore to deter this religious fervor group from successfully carrying their evil plan, governments should strengthen and place the guard on alert at their respective ammunition dumps or depots. Replace incompetent guard commanders, if any.

The governments of countries which were mentioned in my potpourri of updates would be well advised to do so if they want to protect their citizens and other innocents.


The religious fervor group is well known and probably on every Western and Asian government lips. These daring youths probably have war experiences, unlike some guards at the ammunition dumps.

Hope the deterrence would be good enough to stop them from carrying out the first part of their plan.

The countries which they will probably carry out their strikes at (part one and part two) will remain undisclosed – no free lunch.


Anonymous said...

no free lunch? for innocence victims??

Allan said...

No fish in the tank.

Allan said...

"Security has been increased at the federal police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur as well as all police stations nationwide after a man attempted unauthorised entry into an army camp in Gerik last week and threatened the sentries there, The Star reported today.

The move to heighten security at police stations as well as increase patrols at armouries follows news that 70 people, including armed forces personnel, have been found to have ties with the Islamic State (Isis), the paper's online portal said.

In the Gerik incident last week, a man in his early 30s with a thick Kelantanese accent drove up to the front gate of Markas Taktikal 749 in Banding and told the sentries he wanted to use the prayer room at the army camp.

Security at the army camp, which is a forward base for army operations along the Malaysia-Thailand border, has been beefed up, the report said.

The Star also reported Malacca deputy police chief Senior Asst Comm Shahrizan Che Mat Din confirming that security has been heightened at the police state headquarters and other stations.

Two days before the April 8 incident at the army camp, Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that police stations and army camps were believed to be among the targets of 17 individuals who had been detained the previous day.

He added that police believed those detained had wanted to obtain firearms.

The individuals, aged 14 to 44, were also suspected of planning to kidnap several high profile people.

Two of the detainees were soldiers, two students, one security guard and two wiremen. " – April 14, 2015 - The Malaysian Insider.