Saturday, January 21, 2006

Does Heaven know about the Yi?

Millions of people in the world must have heard about or have read the Book of Changes (Yijing/Zhouyi/I Ching/Yi). But does Heaven know about the Yi?

A question many Yi students would probably like to ask but do not know who to turn to. Like them one was also curious therefore when the chance arose, the question was posed to Guan Yin (The Goddess of Mercy). That was back in the early 1980s at my eldest sister’s place. My sister and brother-in-law who wanted to seek some answers from Daoist deities had invited a medium to their house to provide the ‘link’ to Heaven. When Guan Yin spoke through the medium, I took the opportunity to ask whether the famous Daoist deity has heard about the Yi. Just like Buddha (see later), the divinity hesitated before answering in the affirmative. Guan Yin was more forthcoming when I asked about the ranks or levels of Daoist deities and Buddhas. But that is for another story.

In the 1990s, as regular readers would be aware, one had met up with a Daoist friend who is a disciple of a heavenly immortal of Quanzhen. This immortal not only have reminded my friend to read the Yi, he had posed ‘short cryptic messages’ which relate to hexagrams for me to figure out my fortune.

In 1996, there was an occasion for a brief discussion with a buddha who gave the clearest indication that Heaven indeed knows about the Yi. After some hesitation, the divinity said through a Buddhist spiritual master who was in a trance: “The Yijing is a thing (yeh) of gods and buddhas”.

Daoist deities and buddhas (through mediums) have their own method for calculating fortunes of mortals. No, one has never seen these divinities cast the yarrow or throw coins.

Although we may read the same books and classics, at times, it is nice to share our different experiences or maybe a heaven’s secret or two. Skeptics and new age Yi authors may find this entry hard to swallow, but those familiar with Chinese culture and history know that the Yi is an ancient classic that transcends religions.

No two ways about it, the Yi is also divine.

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