Thursday, January 12, 2006

Likely health benefits from breath control meditation

Much has been written about the health benefits of meditation and probably the major benefits are that of stress reduction and relaxation. Stress arising from pressures at work has often been cited in the past as causes for chronic illnesses, ulcers, and even suicides. Therefore health authorities recommend a regular medical check up for those in their forties and older for any early warning sign on their health. Perhaps with meditation it can stabilize your blood pressure at 120/70.

What one is going to write a short note about today is on some ‘likely’ health benefits arising from breath control meditation which differs from the usual type of meditation.

In breath control meditation, once you are able to circulate the breath, you will feel the warmth within the body. Through regular practice the breath (Qi) becomes stronger and the warmth turns into heat which will make you sweat during the meditation. If the sweat comes out smelly, and your urine and excreta have a similar obnoxious smell, it means that toxins are being expelled from your body. It may take a few more days of meditation before most of the toxins are expelled. The expulsion of toxins from your body usually takes place in the early stages of the practice and has been confirmed by neidan practitioners. Your body may feel lighter and healthier after this experience.

With further years of continual meditation and when the Qi is much stronger, it may yield the following results for those involved in martial arts practice: (1) a dark or reddish patch will surface on the skin around the area of a former internal injury caused by sparring or fights. (2) A dark patch will appear over an area of skin covering your favorite bridge hand which you had used to block attacks. Since these blood clots have surfaced it means you would be healthier and may not suffer rheumatism arising from these internal injuries.

The heat generated from continual meditation would also slowly cure any rheumatic spot in your body or limbs. Once your Qi flows 24/7 you should be able to use ‘thermal healing’ with your palms on the rheumatic spots, blood clots, arthritis and gout too to provide quick relief to the suffering. For those who suffer chronic pains from rheumatism, arthritis and gout, you may have to watch your diet. Try to avoid pork and bacon, and eat less red meat where possible. Cut down on the drinks too but it is easy for me to say since one is a teetotaler.


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