Thursday, April 06, 2006

Rationale for discussing heaven secrets and investments

Two previous visitors to this blog have remarked in Daoist forums that to include the revelation of heaven secrets in my profile depicts my arrogance. One of them had also questioned why I consult the Zhouyi on investments. Although what one writes in the profile and in the blog is of no concern or consequences to them, perhaps their remarks need addressing not only in those forums but here too.

The main purpose of writing this blog is to share experiences with fellow students of the Yi and the Tao. To highlight that on occasion heaven secrets (and/or omens) can be revealed by the Yi is part and parcel of this sharing. How else could Yi students and the general public get to know about that possibility?

If one has made false and unsupported claims or claimed that only I can obtain such heaven secrets then perhaps one would seem arrogant. But that is not the case.

Time and again, one has referred readers to: the ancient Confucian book, Doctrine of the Mean (Chung Yung) which said that by using the tortoise and the yarrow, the most entire sincere can foreknow both happy and unlucky omens. And to the Great Treatise (Da Chuan) which indicates what can be known by consulting the Yi with yarrow stalks. If Yi diviners and others can obtain such secrets through other means, then bully for them.

On the question of investments, perhaps the peculiar young female visitor may not understand my profession. A professional accountant is familiar with and can advise on a variety of investments especially those of public quoted shares and companies. One does not have to profile various work experiences which include directors of subsidiary companies/investments reporting to me or on the successful handling of deals worth hundreds of millions ringgit. What relevance does it have on readers or the entries here?

Since the 1970s till now, investments in quoted shares, landed properties, foreign currencies and gold bullion formed the majority of my Yi consultations. After doing the necessary homework, I consult the Yi for guidance on the investment. From decades of experience one has managed to set up a table to determine with certain accuracy which of the 64 hexagrams are good for such investments. Of course every Yi diviner has their own interests or hobby on what to divine over the years. Perhaps only when we are quite good at certain things can we discuss and share the experiences in a more meaningful way. Otherwise what is discussed or shared can appear shallow, twisted or wanting.

Therefore one does not see anything wrong in consulting the Yi on investments or for heaven secrets. Perhaps some readers may not be aware that a few major investment institutions and/or government agencies in the West employ expert astrologers and/or psychics for predictions on investments and for foreknowledge of events or major crises that can affect their country or the world?

I take this opportunity to offer my services to consult the Yi for any major investment institutions and/or government agencies in return for a reasonable fee or on a retainer basis. Whether one has the necessary qualifications is left to be seen; after all they do not advertise for such positions. Therefore one has to write about oracles on investments, omens and heaven secrets to start the ball rolling.

I am a mortal not a Daoist sage or immortal. One still need money to continue living and do good deeds and perhaps leave behind something for the wife and kids before one eventually goes wandering in the mountains or leave this earth.

Is it not more beneficial to use this blog to share experiences with fellow travelers for free and to publicize one’s skills in Yi consultations and interpretations to potential clients worldwide?

Perhaps you can tell me.

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Anonymous said...

I too often feel arrogance in many of these blog entries.... but then, who is perfect?