Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Update on Hidden Treasures

In the entry on Hidden Treasures (Hexagram 26 Da Chu) on August 28 2005 one had mentioned that the shares GT may double from its lifetime low reached in mid 2005 and that one will continue to accumulate the shares notwithstanding heavy selling by the former chief executive officer of the company.

While the shares did not double as hoped for last year, the share price did rebound 80% from the low before drifting lower. Still one was accumulating over the months at various prices and has since more than tripled the initial investment. Yesterday the GT shares finally reached the target price (doubling of its lifetime low) four months late and with big volume. Today GT shares closed 25% higher from yesterday’s closing price. Whoopee!

As one told a close friend of mine, the profits from this share investment alone could be enough for my retirement fund; one was still buying the shares today. The Yi did indicate that one has to accumulate together with others while practising charioting. If one reveals the final target price here, readers may think I am crazy, therefore one target level at a time. The next expected target for the GT shares is a fivefold increase from its lifetime low or a twofold increase from its closing price today.

Meanwhile you can also check on the October, the month of Splitting Apart (Hexagram 23) entry on Oct 24 2005 on what was indicated then and discern from hindsight whether one’s expectations of the performance of the world share markets were indeed correct or was just a guess.

Does this not go some way to prove that the Yi is indeed profound if we really understand the hexagrams, and the oracles given?

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