Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another signpost of the Way?

Elementary, my dear Watson. Science will always catch up with nature and heaven. In a couple of centuries from now, scientists could invent a thing that flies through space, take photos in heaven and send back the pictures to earth. They could name it, ‘The Hubble Space Telescope’ or something like that!
Obviously that would be very exciting for people on earth then. While this new invention will be great and good for humanity, little would the inventor(s) know that the ancient Chinese have already seen such stars and galaxies during their travels in heaven? To be able to travel such distance – light years away – these ancients meditate and cultivate. Yes, Dr Watson, the ancients can really see those so called Galaxy Building Blocks -11 billion light-years away - which at times look like starbursts or clouds formations.

How I would know, you say, my good man. Well, I would not be Sherlock Holmes if I just rely on theories and beliefs. It is said that Laozi, Lieh Tzu and Zhuangzi had written about this meditation practice but not many readers down the two or three millennia understood what these ancients wrote. To rely on theoreticians and pedant translators will not allow students to see heaven.
It has been rather fortunate that I had in hand a translated treatise of the ‘Secret of the Golden Flower’ written by a Daoist heavenly immortal known by the name of Lu Dongbin. And I have put his teachings into practice. From a mere three years of earnest dual cultivation, I have been able to see these ‘Galaxy Building Blocks’. This I understand is one of the signposts of the Way or Tao. Since the signpost can be sighted within such a short span of practice, I called this minor achievement, elementary!

Well, I could go on and on….. Dr Watson! Zzzzzz Dr Watson! Zzzzz, snore……

The above photos by Hubble Space Telescope were included in a newspaper article titled ‘Looking back 11 billion light-years’ appeared in the New Sunday Times on September 8, 1996.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Allan,

How does a heavenly view influence your view of,now?

in peace,

regreso said...

Hi Alan

Good one¡

Right now, I'm having an interchange in Forum e-ching, about the rol of meditation (and the risk of intelectualism) when studying the Yijing.

So, I did dare to linked your post in that forum, and I translated the core of your post. (Hope you don't mind)

Here is the link, if you want to check it (spanish)


Allan said...


Human nature remains the same. If we see the light, there is more clarity. If we meditate, there is peace. Heaven and Tao waits for the right person. As long as neidan practitioners or Sherlock Holmes do not think they are sages when they travel in heaven, then they are fine fellows of the Way– so say the Buddha in the Leng Yen.



Allan said...


I am glad you find the entry useful. By all means translate those entries that you think are good enough for sharing with our Spanish fellows of the Yi and the Way.

One of the entries had been translated to Arabic by Google just the other day.