Thursday, February 08, 2007

Brilliant light

Photos of the beautiful sunset in Tanah Lot, Bali Island were taken in December 2006.
Natural shades of the dark and the light – yin yang – are in full display. Perhaps neidan practitioners could have witnessed the same phenomena during meditation?
The imaginative may also see mountains and space crafts up in heaven.


Luis Andrade said...

Nice pictures, Allan.

I didn't know you enjoyed photography. In my photoblog, below is a link, I have many cloud formations that you may enjoy. I love to snap pictures of cloud formations when the moment is just right.



Allan said...

Hi Luis!

When a girl or view is beautiful, what can go wrong with the pictures!

Okay, I will visit your photoblog later. It is 4 am in KL, got to sleep sometime.

Allan said...


Wow! The beautiful and serene pictures at your site are many folds better than mine. Those of the clouds formations are nice but not quite the ones I was looking for.

Perhaps, you have to take up some neidan practice to see the particular formations!