Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Revelation of the Mysterious Female

They say a picture paints a thousand words. However if viewers or admirers do not understand the meanings behind the picture, it may look strange, religious, or inexplicable. Adepts down the ages are supposed to know yet many do not.

The meaning is even difficult for top class scholars to understand, yet those of the third class make misleading statements on femininity or laugh at the picture. The in betweens – the middle class scholars - not making anything out of it may keep the picture hidden.
(Refer to TTC 41)

“This picture will be found in the original edition of the Leng Yen Ching (Shurangama Sutra). But the ignorant monks who did not recognize the hidden meaning and knew nothing about the embryo of the Tao have for this reason made the mistake of leaving this picture out. I only found out through the explanations of the adepts that the Julai (Tathagata) knows real work on the embryo of the Tao.”
[Hui Ming Ching – W/B]

In case, neidan practitioners, Daoist and Buddhist scholars still do not understand the meaning behind the picture, let us see what Laozi and later adepts have to say:

Being and non -being produce each other.
[TTC 2]

The Valley Spirit die not, likewise the Mysterious Female. The door of the mysterious female is the root of Heaven and Earth.
[TTC 6]

When the heaven gate (Tai Chi) opens and closes, can you act like the (receptive and mysterious) female?
[TTC 10]

When one begins to apply this magic it is as if, in the middle of being, there were non-being.
[Secret of the Golden Flower]

Ten months the embryo is under fire.
[Hui Ming Ching]

The Zhouyi, Buddhist sutras, Daoist classics and texts, cannot be wholly understood with just the intellect. It requires penetrating clarity obtained through years of studies, related cultivation and practice. Such cultivation and practice have existed before the establishment of religion(s), is it not?
(Think Yi divinations, cultivation of virtues, and neidan meditation)

Neidan adepts having gone beyond the practice of Xinzhai, Wu Wei, and who are nearing or have reached the Center – the root of Heaven and Earth - will be able to relate their experience of the Mysterious Female. Not otherwise.

Only those who do not know, will speak or try to teach how to reach this phenomenon. The adepts who have experienced the phenomena of both the valley spirit and the mysterious female remain hidden, since they know they have yet to acquire the lucidity of a sage.

In case, one is blamed for revealing too much, one would say that nothing much has been revealed, what with the balance of the thousand words!

The truth has been lying around for the past few thousand years for earnest and sincere students to investigate. Only upon thorough investigation and cultivation can a sincere student be the right person.
(Think of the Great Learning and the Doctrine of the Mean)

Therefore if anyone comes by without fully investigating things and ask for further clarification on the Mysterious Female, this student’s answer would be: ‘How would I know?’

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