Thursday, January 10, 2008

To be blessed by heaven (3)

The headline in Reuters on January 9 2008 reads:
Pollsters flummoxed by New Hampshire primary.

The online article went on to say:

“Ahead of Tuesday’s vote in NH, pollsters had widely predicted that senator Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton in the Democrats’ contest with many foreseeing a double-digit margin. In the event, the New York senator and former first lady beat Obama, edging him out by under 3 percent.”

While the various pollsters try to figure out how and where their polls had gone wrong, perhaps it is timely to refer back to the Yi prognostication given to Professor Sam Crane in January 2007 on Hillary Clinton’s chance to become the next US President. (Sam blogged the prognostication on January 23 2007 in his ‘The Useless Tree’ blog. My entry which relied on his accurate oracles and with additional interpretation was made a week later.)

To become a democratic elected ruler of the most powerful nation on earth is never easy. Many equally good and well qualified individuals will contest in the elections. The ancient Chinese believe rulers have the mandate from heaven to rule over the people. The modern Chinese may use many different prediction methods to try to determine the outcome, in this case, of the current US presidential contest. Just like the pollsters, they may scratch their heads if the predicted candidate drops out midway or fails to win.

In the prognostication by way of Hexagram 14 Da Yu / Possession in Great Measure which changed to Hexagram 32 Heng / Duration, the Yi did not say outright that Hillary Clinton will win the US Presidency elections; the outcome depends on whether or not she will follow the way of Heaven. If she does, she will be blessed by Heaven and win the Democrat contest. Later she will have to face her selected opponent, a minister, from the Republican party. If she has improved upon her cultivation, again she will be blessed by Heaven.

For sincerity (in serving the people and truth) is also the way of Heaven. While the pollsters still scratch their heads, Hillary Clinton should know it by now after the Iowa loss and the New Hampshire win. The Yi has spoken. The voters from New Hampshire may have recognized the 'change' when Clinton spoke from her heart, and approved.

To understand the profound Yi proves difficult, more so if an accurate prognostication relates to the will of Heaven?


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

My name is Irving, I'm 27, from Singapore and I've been consulting the Yijing for about 3 years.

I've been following your blog largely because I enjoy reading what you write with regards to the Yi.

I too happened to be following with interest the Democrats contest and after Hilary lost in Iowa, I did a divination on whether she would be the Democratic nominee to face the Republican nominee to become the next President of the USA. This was before she won in New Hampshire.

I got Hex 63, lines 2, 4, 5 to Hex 34. I have taken line 2 to refer to her recent loss in Iowa, line 4 to refer to her trying to rouse support in New Hamsphire and line 5to refer to her rare display of emotions. Hex 34 may indicate she will build up great power after her win in New Hamsphire but whether she will win depends very much on how she uses the great power she has.

I was pleased from my divination before New Hampshire, that Hilary would not be so easily knocked out, but as you have mentioned, whether she wins or not depends on whether she will follow the way of Heaven.


Allan said...

Hi Irving!

You are quite brave for your age to consult the Yi about politics. I still have no occasion to ask a political question or on a matter of state. No, there is nothing wrong in asking such questions. It is definitely better, especially when we were young, than just asking about love lives!

Remember whenever students consult the Yi; there will always be an answer by way of hexagram(s). But the Yi may not have actually spoken to the diviner(s).

However if we remain earnest and sincere, the Yi will speak to us eventually.


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Thank you for the compliment, but I don't see myself as particularly brave. I just chose to ask about things that interest me so that I may understand the way the Yi speaks in different situations.

I agree with you when you say that whenever students consult the Yi, there will always be an answer by way of hexagram(s), but the Yi may not have actually spoken to the diviner(s).

This is why I practice regularly on as many different situations as possible, so that I may familiarize myself more deeply with the way the Yi speaks. In my own small way I'm trying to follow Shao Yong and his zest for learning the Yi haha.

It is only after continuous practice and reflection that I have managed to have a meager understanding about the various hexagrams and how they relate to each situation.

After all it is only when we communicate frequently with an old friend on all manner of subjects that we begin to understand the way they think and appreciate their wisdom.

Thank you for your guidance, I shall bear it in mind in studying the Yi.