Saturday, July 05, 2008

Gen and meditation

Many Yi scholars and experts invariably agree that Hexagram 52 Gen / Keeping Still, Mountain describes meditation. Indeed it is. Since meditation is about keeping still.

The Judgment advises the meditator to keep the back still so that he no longer feels his body. He goes into the courtyard and does not see his people.

The Image says: Thus the superior man does not permit his thoughts to go beyond his situation.

The first line advises the meditator to keep the toes still.

Next to keep the calves still.

The third line warns the meditator not to make his sacrum stiff, while keeping his hips still. Otherwise the heart suffocates.

The next step is to keep his trunk still.

Thereafter to keep the jaws still.

The hexagram ends with a noble hearted keeping still.

Those who practise meditation could understand what is said in hexagram Gen better than non meditators. This again provides a good example of the different layers in the Yi; between those who know and those who do not have the requisite experience(s).

To achieve quietness, one should keep the heart still and empty the mind.

By keeping the heart still, it will not run away. By emptying the mind, one allows the sunshine in!

Within the stillness and emptiness, quietness sets in.

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