Wednesday, July 16, 2008

History repeating itself

In 1998, among other ominous things, the Yi told me that a leader will fall. When the time drew closer, it was a call between the then US President Bill Clinton who was subjected to an impeachment or the then Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim who was in a ‘power struggle’ with the then Prime Minister.

Within the timeframe of the prognostication(s), Anwar was sacked, and Bill Clinton found guilty of transgression(s).

The Yi also pre-warned in a subsequent prognostication, a week after the first, that an ominous event would happen. Days before it happened, I suggested to kin, close friends and colleagues to stock up on fresh and canned food, milk, beverages and necessities – especially for the kids and babies.

The ominous event turned out to be the arrest of Anwar on the night of September 20th 1998.

The following morning, if I remember the event correctly, the Malaysian people were in a state of shock and panic. Within hours, whatever food, milk, beverages and necessities were cleared from the shelves of supermarkets. The empty shelves of supermarkets were shown on TV news.

Ten years on, in 2008, the Yi did not give any such prior warning of an impending arrest, probably because we know each other better! And the Yi chart readings seem to have improved over the years – at times fine-tuned with Daoist heavenly immortals but mostly through careful observations and records.

During the wake of my recent deceased mother, the first few days of July, I had already indicated to kin that Anwar among others could be arrested. But how would I know?

On July 16, 2008, Anwar Ibrahim, the assumed Opposition leader, was arrested by the police following accusations that he had sex with a male aide. Sodomy is a crime in Malaysia. In 1998, he was arrested both for corruption and for sodomy.

Therefore this is another instance of history repeating itself.

There would be more down the road, but revealing too much of heaven’s secrets will damage this Yi student’s health.


Meanwhile I would be away for a short holiday with my family, next week.

I had not taken them for holidays overseas in May or June after disposing of the stocks, since the Yi had already indicated the impending demise of my frail mother. It would not be filial of me, if I, my wife and children could not return in time for her funeral.


Anonymous said...

Looks like everything is engineered by the US government, to debase the currency to support the dependency of all other countries to continue supporting the use of the dollar as a common denomination. Btw, looks hell a lot like the 1997 scenario where the Yen rebounds first suppressing the dollar and lead to furthur intervention in the dollar by the Feds printing machines.

Allan said...

The expectations of some prominent and more ‘vocal’ investors – Warren Buffet, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber - that the US dollar would head for a big fall in value will count as one of ‘history repeating itself’.

The way the US Federal Reserve and the Treasury are currently ignoring the inflation situation, may lead USA there sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

thx uncle allan :) for enlighten me. But i am on a fine line now dunno whr to balance myself... one hand i noe all the policy is killing the dollar. On another hand i saw the 1997 intervention pushed the dollar up so much even though interest rates slashing suppose to debase a currency. SO is IntervenTion with UNLIMITeD money supply more powerful THAN market force. as market force is limited compared to feds printing power. I dunno whr to incline and this has put me in a situation to buy gold :) n risk losing any yield and risk of a defationary gold value.