Saturday, August 09, 2008

Calling a temporary halt

After writing for more than three years in this blog, it is time to call for a temporary halt.

In the writings, I have touched on several subjects taught by the ancients - the holy sages, Laozi, Confucius and Buddha - and by Daoist heavenly immortals, with the hopes that someone, somewhere in the world, can learn something. To be fair, some did, some didn't.

To me, it is more important that the teachers and the experts understood what has been written; because it is through them that the correct messages are passed on and taught to their students. Their students and those who listen would have a better foundation and grounding than those who are self taught especially in the Zhouyi and neidan (inner alchemy).

Many of the self taught are still floundering, if we happen to visit the various Yi and Daoist forums. Some insist that they know much about the Book of Changes when they do not even recognize the fact that the Yi does not speak to them or other diviners.

Some say my entries on Tao and dual cultivation differ much from their understanding and are therefore wrong. Little do they realized that what have been written were usually crosschecked with my learned Daoist friend of Quanzhen. I have also listened in to teachings, through the planchette and medium(s), by Daoist heavenly immortals and Buddhas over the past fifteen or more years.

However it does not mean that I know much about Tao and/or the Zhouyi, therefore the title for this blog.

The last four months in 2008 can turn very negative for people across the world, not only in the US and Europe. There could be much suffering and panic brought about by a further collapse of stock market(s), sudden seizing up of credit, inflationary pressures, and power-politics.

In the Yi, it is said,

'When heaven and earth are creating in change and transformation, all plants and trees flourish; but when heaven and earth close, the able man withdraws into the dark.'

Take care.



John Ballantrae said...

Thanks for all you've posted. I hope the blog will remain on-line for a while so I can re-read some bits and pieces.
John Ballantrae

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to have discovered this blog. Do you have to go? How can I ask for some advice?


Luis Andrade said...

Sorry to learn about your leave from posting. Stay in touch.

All the best,


White Tiger Wayfarer said...

Sorry to hear you're putting a stop to your blog. I've found it to be an excellent resource. Take care and best wishes to you.