Saturday, August 23, 2008

Onward to Cologne, Germany

[Picture by Aoshi]

Months after representing Malaysia in Counter Strike Source in the Asian Championship Gaming Series 2008 in Wuhan, China, my son joined a‘mixed’team to beat the best in the country and emerged the World Cyber Games national champions in Counter Strike 1.6.

This new team comprising of five experienced but amateur gamers had only trained for a couple of months together, whenever they can online or Lan in cyber cafes. One team member is back on holidays and will fly back to continue his studies in England shortly, while another is in a Singaporean university.

As is the norm for the past few years, I was there to support my son's team when they played in the finals.

He played exceptionally well this time around, single-handedly clutching a few rounds during the finals against last year's champions – Team Hybrid. The first opposing CS 1.6 team to achieve 16 rounds wins.

After the match, two members from Team Hybrid reached over to congratulate him adding that they were happy to lose the finals because of his outstanding performance.

The Malaysian CS 1.6 champions received an increased amount of RM 78,000 in cash and prizes this year – inclusive of desktop computers, airfare to and accommodation in Cologne, Germany. The WCG 2008 grand finals will be held there, early November.

My wife and daughter excitedly asked if we would be flying there too to support him and his team!

Most likely not, I had indicated.

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