Friday, July 17, 2009

Completing the four seasons of 2009

Spring has come and gone. Summer is about to end. Autumn will soon begin. Winter follows. Seasonal cycles have existed longer than the Book of Changes and the ancients. So what have we learned?

The future can be foretold. Omens can be received. Heaven hold many secrets. All these can be known by consulting the Zhouyi. Over the years, one has blogged enough to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that it can be and has been done. Pigs and fishes may still remain unconvinced.

But revealing omens and/or heaven’s secrets too often, has its drawbacks. Even divinities (Daoist deities and celestial immortals) have their limits, the Yi had once told me. While lucky enough not to be struck by lightning, it can damage one’s health or pockets. The loud encroaching thunders can be rather frightening, especially when it is not raining, while one types out the secrets for blogging.

After giving out the omen on the wind borne diseases and the air disasters, the Yi had wanted to tell me something else. Upon consultation, the prognostication given seems to be another omen or heaven secret to complete the four seasons of 2009.

This time, instead of revealing the heaven’s secret or omen in the explicit manner like in previous occasions over the past few years, one would present it in the form of a Guan Yin qin (divination slip) adding on an ‘ancient’, to assist clarity. (I have tested it two nights ago, and there was no usual rumbling from Heaven.)

It could also provide an opportunity for the esoteric, Yi aficionados and Daoist devotees to ‘crack’ their heads over what is the revelation – the heaven’s secret. Readers can try to decipher the message(s) from heaven and comment, if they so wish.

Spring winds borne diseases. False hope and black hands hide heaven.

Summer air disasters. No parts or poor maintenance.

Autumn rains rockets. Watch the south east region.

Winter drum beats in the distance. Pigs cry, fish laughs, and cranes fly home.

Ancient (Gu Ren) for the latter two seasons:

Guan Lo advises Cao Cao not to move.


Anonymous said...

I haven't much knowledge of Oriental culture, but can "fishes laugh" relate to one selfish group profiting at the expense of another selfish group (the pigs)?


Allan said...

Good thinking. It certainly can be interpreted that way.

The feedback so far seems that readers are having fun, each trying to interpret what the ‘qin’ (divination slip), including the Ancient, says.

Of the Indian astrologers’ predictions quoted by the Associated Press relating to the giant solar eclipse on July the 22nd, one prediction seemed quite close. However the particular astrologer has used an ‘umbrella cover,’ adding irrelevant things, and therefore had diluted his own calculation or interpretation. But how would I know?

If and when the omens or heaven secrets unfold accordingly, I will write an entry to explain what each phrase or sentence meant for the particular season.

Anonymous said...

There is an Indian tale where the "fish who laughs" is a traitor in the court of the king, disguised as a woman.

Allan said...

Thanks for the wonderful story. I guess you are putting on your thinking cap and having fun too.

However the story may not be related.

I have to stick to the ‘plot’ – the storyline, the phrases, for fellow Yi aficionados to relate the prognostication(s) to the Book of Changes.

For example, if no explanations or hints were given on the omens or heaven’s secrets on air disasters and wind borne diseases, readers could find it rather difficult to relate them to the second line of Hexagram 57 Xun / The Gentle Wind.

Some readers are getting ingenious; they are searching online for the Ancient! That’s a good start when all else fails.

Anonymous said...

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Allan said...

Ng ChuanLin, I have already forewarned you that Heaven is on the side of the good. Yet you choose to continue to spam this blog.

Take note that it is beyond my ability to help, once Heaven decides to take action on you.

Anonymous said...

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