Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Of students and masters (8)

An anonymous reader, most likely a fellow Tao Bum member, requested for my comments on how John Chang of Mo Pai, also known as the Magus of Java, Indonesia, and Wang Li Ping of Quanzhen in China have the special powers that few possess. Each master has a book written about them, and probably well respected in their own communities.

Since I have not read the books on the two masters nor know them personally, my thoughts would be based on ‘hear say’ on what is written on the web or videos posted on the You Tube by their students or friends of the students. Therefore whatever written about them in this entry has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

However it would be safe enough to say that both masters have certainly reached a high level of cultivation in their respective lineages. Both have teachers versed in the ancient Way. Each has put in decades of earnest and sincere practice in meditation. The only difference would be one apparently uses the Active method while the other uses the Stillness method.

As I have indicated before, the ancient masters (Shi) 'follow' the Yi and practised the Stillness method of meditation. So do Quanzhen.

According to one of his students, Wang Li Ping is versed in the Book of Changes. And most in the Tao Bums know that he teaches Daoist meditation and exercises to the general public in China and elsewhere in exchange for a fee. While John Chang only teach his students, and do healing with powers (heat and electricity) from his hands and acupuncture for a fee. Each follows their own vocation of calling. Each will reach a higher spiritual level as they progress on the Way.

That is fine, unless they stray from the path because of fame and fortune like the so called ‘sages’ of modern times.

The powers and virtue of ancient masters seemed profound even to Laozi, the great sage, during his time. If students follow the ancient Way, they have to cultivate both essence and virtues. And maybe just maybe, they can also have profound powers and virtue like the ancient masters. The Zhen Ren (realized persons) and the celestial Daoist immortals found it to be true. And some wrote down their thoughts in texts for posterity for the right persons.

However, the great sages including Buddha, the Zhen Ren, and the celestial Daoist immortals did not mention powers of generating fire or electricity, the ability that John Chang possesses and his skills were shown on You Tube. Perhaps some Qigong exercises and/or the Active method of meditation - which uses force and therefore raises the likelihood to blow heart valves - allows a high level neidan practitioner to generate electricity from his hands and/or body. One would not know since I happen to practise the Stillness method.

One thing both John Chang and Wang Li Ping have probably learned recently is not to take in or teach unscrupulous (real or so claimed) students who were out to spoil or have almost dragged their respectable names through the mud. If you are a Tao Bum member, probably you would know what I am talking about. (Also remember what Zhang San Feng said about the bad guys?)

By all accounts, both these masters would have gone way beyond the requisite feeling of heat and seeing the light during neidan meditation. The heat in their palms would be rather intense. They could if they wished to, heal swine flu or A (H1N1) flu sufferers in their respective countries.

They certainly will try, if they or their students happen to read about this wonderful type of natural healing using heat and the light from their hands, in this blog or in the Tao Bums, I had mentioned to my learned Quanzhen friend.


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