Wednesday, July 29, 2009


To and fro goes the Way
But how many people could remember?
Thousands, millions, billions have forgotten
The fall from Tao

The Ancients pointed the way home
Since they had remembered
Upon seeing the various signposts
Return to Tao, they urge

Not to forsake the multitude
They laid down means and ways
Cultivate essence and virtues
To empty the mind and rectify the heart

Sit and forget
Emotions subside
In peace and harmony
Contemplate the Light

Yin Yang interchanges
Forms and Emptiness
Earth and then Heaven
Stars and Galaxies

How could the multitude remember?
An eternity ago
A journey so far
The thousands, millions, billions ….

Immortals and Buddhas sing
Face the ancestor and the eight trigrams
The golden flower blooms
See the original self

Perhaps then
We could remember
The way we were

Friday, July 17, 2009

Completing the four seasons of 2009

Spring has come and gone. Summer is about to end. Autumn will soon begin. Winter follows. Seasonal cycles have existed longer than the Book of Changes and the ancients. So what have we learned?

The future can be foretold. Omens can be received. Heaven hold many secrets. All these can be known by consulting the Zhouyi. Over the years, one has blogged enough to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that it can be and has been done. Pigs and fishes may still remain unconvinced.

But revealing omens and/or heaven’s secrets too often, has its drawbacks. Even divinities (Daoist deities and celestial immortals) have their limits, the Yi had once told me. While lucky enough not to be struck by lightning, it can damage one’s health or pockets. The loud encroaching thunders can be rather frightening, especially when it is not raining, while one types out the secrets for blogging.

After giving out the omen on the wind borne diseases and the air disasters, the Yi had wanted to tell me something else. Upon consultation, the prognostication given seems to be another omen or heaven secret to complete the four seasons of 2009.

This time, instead of revealing the heaven’s secret or omen in the explicit manner like in previous occasions over the past few years, one would present it in the form of a Guan Yin qin (divination slip) adding on an ‘ancient’, to assist clarity. (I have tested it two nights ago, and there was no usual rumbling from Heaven.)

It could also provide an opportunity for the esoteric, Yi aficionados and Daoist devotees to ‘crack’ their heads over what is the revelation – the heaven’s secret. Readers can try to decipher the message(s) from heaven and comment, if they so wish.

Spring winds borne diseases. False hope and black hands hide heaven.

Summer air disasters. No parts or poor maintenance.

Autumn rains rockets. Watch the south east region.

Winter drum beats in the distance. Pigs cry, fish laughs, and cranes fly home.

Ancient (Gu Ren) for the latter two seasons:

Guan Lo advises Cao Cao not to move.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heed the advice of these Da Ren

It has been a long while since I last talk about investments. With the great destruction of wealth in 2008, few with no vested interest would like to touch on investments. Who wants to be blamed for causing further hardships to investors, or creating personal bankruptcies?

Wise words are usually far and few in between.

When a Da Ren (Great Man) gives advice, small investors like us have to take heed.

In October 2008, during times of great uncertainty, Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Omaha, advised American investors to invest in US shares, with their own money.

In early April 2009, Li Ka Shing, the Superman of Hong Kong, advised HK investors to buy shares as they were cheap. About two months later, after the Hang Seng Index had rebounded 50% or more from its March lows, he advised investors to dispose of the shares as the investments were getting expensive.

Understand what has been advised by the two Da Ren and take heed of their advice; since most may not know what is going to happen in the next six months up till the next Chinese New Year.

Even if you think you count amongst those who foreknow the future, try not to be too clever. Those are sagely advice for all investors.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Moving heaven and earth

The ancients say that sincerity is part of human nature. And that sincerity is the way of heaven. According to the Doctrine of the Mean (Zhong Yong), there are different levels of sincerity and the most complete of it allows the Yi diviner to divine like a spirit (shen).

The Judgment in Hexagram 61 Zhong Fu / Inner Truth says:

Inner Truth. Pigs and fishes. Good fortune. It furthers one to cross the great water. Perseverance furthers.


Pigs and fishes are the least intelligent of all animals and therefore the most difficult to influence. The force of inner truth must grow great indeed before its influence can extend to such creatures. In dealing with people as intractable and difficult to influence as a pig or a fish, the whole secret of success depends on finding the right way of approach. One must first rid oneself of all prejudice and, so to speak, let the psyche of the other person act on one without restraint. Then one will establish contact with him, understand and gain power over him. When a door has thus opened, the force of one’s personality will influence him. If in this way one finds no obstacles insurmountable, one can undertake even the most dangerous things, such as crossing the great water, and succeed.
[Wilhelm / Baynes]

If you have ever visited pig or fish farms, you may find that pigs and fishes are happiest when it comes to feeding time. Just like humans, creatures need to eat, to fill their empty stomachs. To the pigs and fishes, their owners by feeding and taking good care of them are sincere. This can also apply to reliable teachers and students.

Nine in the second place means:
A crane calling in the shade. Its young answers it. I have a good goblet. I will share it with you.

Confucius says about this line:

The superior man abides in his room. If his words are well spoken, he meets with assent at a distance of more than a thousand miles. How much more then from nearby! If the superior man abides in his room and his words are not well spoken, he meets with contradiction at a distance of more than a thousand miles. How much more then from nearby!

Words go forth from one’s own person and exert their influence on men. Deeds are born close at hand and become visible far away.

Words and deeds are the hinge and bow spring of the superior man. As hinge and bow spring move, they bring honor or disgrace.

Through words and deeds the superior man moves heaven and earth. Must one not, then, be cautious?

The great sage advised that in our dealings with people and/or nations by way of speech, writing and/or action, the Junzi have to be sincere, reliable, and cautious. Since their words and actions can move (gan dong) heaven and earth. If their sincere words and deeds can begin to move heaven and earth, do they not have the same effect with pigs and fishes?

Just like the current handling of the two ‘nuclear’ nations by world leaders and the UN Security Council, if they do not put in more sincerity that can even influence pigs and fishes, they may realize too late what they should have done to avoid an omen or heaven’s secret given by the Yi.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Of students and masters (8)

An anonymous reader, most likely a fellow Tao Bum member, requested for my comments on how John Chang of Mo Pai, also known as the Magus of Java, Indonesia, and Wang Li Ping of Quanzhen in China have the special powers that few possess. Each master has a book written about them, and probably well respected in their own communities.

Since I have not read the books on the two masters nor know them personally, my thoughts would be based on ‘hear say’ on what is written on the web or videos posted on the You Tube by their students or friends of the students. Therefore whatever written about them in this entry has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

However it would be safe enough to say that both masters have certainly reached a high level of cultivation in their respective lineages. Both have teachers versed in the ancient Way. Each has put in decades of earnest and sincere practice in meditation. The only difference would be one apparently uses the Active method while the other uses the Stillness method.

As I have indicated before, the ancient masters (Shi) 'follow' the Yi and practised the Stillness method of meditation. So do Quanzhen.

According to one of his students, Wang Li Ping is versed in the Book of Changes. And most in the Tao Bums know that he teaches Daoist meditation and exercises to the general public in China and elsewhere in exchange for a fee. While John Chang only teach his students, and do healing with powers (heat and electricity) from his hands and acupuncture for a fee. Each follows their own vocation of calling. Each will reach a higher spiritual level as they progress on the Way.

That is fine, unless they stray from the path because of fame and fortune like the so called ‘sages’ of modern times.

The powers and virtue of ancient masters seemed profound even to Laozi, the great sage, during his time. If students follow the ancient Way, they have to cultivate both essence and virtues. And maybe just maybe, they can also have profound powers and virtue like the ancient masters. The Zhen Ren (realized persons) and the celestial Daoist immortals found it to be true. And some wrote down their thoughts in texts for posterity for the right persons.

However, the great sages including Buddha, the Zhen Ren, and the celestial Daoist immortals did not mention powers of generating fire or electricity, the ability that John Chang possesses and his skills were shown on You Tube. Perhaps some Qigong exercises and/or the Active method of meditation - which uses force and therefore raises the likelihood to blow heart valves - allows a high level neidan practitioner to generate electricity from his hands and/or body. One would not know since I happen to practise the Stillness method.

One thing both John Chang and Wang Li Ping have probably learned recently is not to take in or teach unscrupulous (real or so claimed) students who were out to spoil or have almost dragged their respectable names through the mud. If you are a Tao Bum member, probably you would know what I am talking about. (Also remember what Zhang San Feng said about the bad guys?)

By all accounts, both these masters would have gone way beyond the requisite feeling of heat and seeing the light during neidan meditation. The heat in their palms would be rather intense. They could if they wished to, heal swine flu or A (H1N1) flu sufferers in their respective countries.

They certainly will try, if they or their students happen to read about this wonderful type of natural healing using heat and the light from their hands, in this blog or in the Tao Bums, I had mentioned to my learned Quanzhen friend.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Knowing the Mandate of Heaven

The Master said,

‘Without recognizing the decrees of Heaven, it is impossible to be a superior man.’

‘Without an acquaintance with the rule of propriety, it is impossible for the character to be established.’

‘Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men.’

[Analects 20 .3 Legge]

To be a Junzi or a right person for Tao is not that easy and simple. It takes decades of earnest and sincere self study, practice, and cultivation.

Over the years through discussions with my Daoist friend, through observations and reflections, one has learned how and why Heaven is on the side of the good. [Refer Tao Te Ching]

Through studies of ancient Chinese history including the four Confucian books and the five Classics, pondering while blogging, posting comments, and providing suggestions to like minded friends and strangers, one may have recently discovered why and when Heaven issues its Mandate. (The Yi gave an advice almost a decade ago, to discuss the studies with likeminded fellows. And the World Wide Web turned out to be a rather good place for such discussions and further studies; a great contribution by science and technology.)

The great sage, Confucius knew the decrees of Heaven (Tian Ming) when he was fifty. Every Confucian and/or Yi student has the potential to learn to know it, if we put in the extra mile of effort.

It is possible that some may get to know the Mandate of Heaven before they reach fifty, but being a slow learner; this student has already been a few years too late!