Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pigs cry, fish laughs and cranes fly home

In a blog entry on July 17, 2009 titled ‘Completing the four seasons of 2009’ which in brief discussed two prognostications given by the Book of Changes (the Yi / I Ching), the first omen just after Chinese New Year and the second omen in the middle of that year, one mentioned in the form of a qin (divination slip) that after the predicted wind borne diseases in Spring, as well as the air disasters in Summer, it would rain rockets in Autumn, and there will be drum beats in the distance in Winter where ‘Pigs cry, fish laughs and cranes fly home’.

Critics and the less experienced Yi diviners will probably disagree to what one is going to blog while the experienced fellow diviners can take notes for their further research into Yi divination.

It is not easy to interpret omens or heaven’s secrets from the Yi and get the interpretations right. But at times, the Yi helps make the interpretations easier and simpler when the material the diviner needs is written in the text. If not, one has to ponder deeply before we can come up with the correct interpretation thereby making the omen or heaven’s secret clear as day.

Then the aspect of charismatic leaders’ or a capable Yi diviner’s ability to defer or avert the omen has to be taken into account. (This particular aspect has been discussed on a few occasions.)

If we follow the world news closely, Yi diviners will find that the leaders of the US, China, and Russia have had regular communications or held meetings with the countries who could have ‘rain rockets in Autumn within the south east region’. Arbitrary deadlines imposed have come and gone without drastic actions taken by the more powerful nuclear states, which can be a good thing or not; depending on your stand.

Coupled with the fact that this omen of ‘Autumn rain rockets’ was the first or lower moving line of two, it can be or has been deferred, or even averted altogether.

However, the first part of the second omen, ‘Winter drum beats in the distance’ representing the second moving line of the prognostication given via Hexagram 61 Zhong Fu could be heard recently.

Recent reported sea clashes between the Koreas were evidences of that occurrence.

The final part of this second omen reads, ‘Pigs cry, fish laughs and cranes fly home’ has also occurred but it was so subtle that no one seems to notice. Luckily, I caught this on Bloomberg online yesterday:

‘The euro area and the European Central Bank are now dealing with what markets are called the “PIGS” crisis: Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. Sometimes Italy is added on the list but its finances seem to be in slightly better shape.

The bond markets have picked on Greece, punishing the country for mining up a budget deficit equal to 12.7 percent of gross domestic product. Now the focus is on other indebted countries in the euro area. Equity and currency markets are jittery as central bankers seek a lasting solution.”

Matthew Lynn, Bloomberg, Feb 10, 2010.

If you are a regular reader, you would discern that prior to the entry in July 2009; one has advised investors to heed the words of the two Da Ren – Warren Buffet and Li Ka-Shing. Both have been advising investors to buy shares with their own money - that is not with credit or on margins.

With the recent falls in the global share markets – some more than 15% from their 2009 highs, those who relied on borrowings to invest would take a bigger hit. No difference with the PIGS which are in a way ‘crying for help or a rescue’.

That explains the Pigs cry.

The fish laughs after taking profits before the global share markets fell in winter and having had swam away before the falls hit.

The cranes have flown home to heaven to report and roost just before the arrival of the New Chinese Year! (Check out this legend about cranes online)

Wish all readers a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!


Cândida Neves said...

Hi there,

i follow your blog regularly, not bcause of the financial area but bcause of the insights that you give and that can b applied in another situations. You have a good clear way of delivering the messages.

My thoughts about the the pigs and the rockets were right but regarding the cranes i thought they were related to the construction crisis in Dubai, about the construction cranes.

And really does feel like heaven and earth are displaced, life this days feels rather caotic, very unstable, especially for the young generation like myself.

What does the Yi makes of the future for mankind as a whole.

Allan said...

Hi Candida!

You sound wise for your age, and you have good imagination.

Not long after the entry on ‘Completing the four seasons of 2009’, I have indicated to my Daoist friend and my siblings what the pigs cry, fish laughs, and the cranes fly home meant. This entry contains the same explanations / indications. Inner truth is important to all aspiring Junzi.

Mankind would exist until the destruction of Heaven and Earth, which event is highly unlikely. (Refer to the Great Treatise)

Hope springs eternal down the millennia. Laozi, Confucius, and Mencius must have read or witnessed the absence of Tao all under Heaven during their times, just like what we are doing since September 15, 2008.