Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our teacher sometimes likes to joke

What else can a Yi student says, when the teacher, the Book of Changes at the start of the Year of the Tiger 2010 tells him to ‘spy about with sharp eyes like a tiger with insatiable craving’? And there would be no blame.

‘For good fortune, one has to turn to the summit and provide nourishment.’

It is not easy, but each person or even country has to create their own luck. Some seemed to be more fortunate than others.

The holy sages through the Yi and the great sages provide nourishment for all down the millennia. Therefore one has to turn to the summit – the sage – to provide spiritual nourishment to the right persons or helpers to achieve one’s lofty aim.

Perhaps continual working on it this year like the years before, one may eventually bite through to gain helpers. Who knows, certainly not this student. Since our teacher sometimes like to joke!

Both the hexagram containing the prognostication and the resultant hexagram have the trigram Zhen – the arousing, Thunder – at the bottom. Going by what you read in this blog over the years, the particular trigram signifies loud thunder and earthquakes. More earthquakes this year like the big one that hit Chile yesterday cannot be discounted.

Forewarnings like Yi omens and preparedness are good things, not bad. Even if the teacher likes to joke!