Saturday, March 06, 2010

Real masters will get it right

Just like those of Tao and the Yi, real masters whether they are practitioners of neidan, art, martial arts, fengshui, or fortune telling, they will get it right most if not all of the time. Since real masters would know what they are doing.

If they have come down or sent down from the mountain with their teachers’ blessings, they would be ready to face the world. Unfortunately, if we really observe their words and actions, there are fewer real masters than many students think.

For example, real I Ching masters do not read fortunes even if they know how to since it is not their specialty or forte. These real masters may have a higher call in life and according to the Great Treatise, if they are really skilled in divination, they can even assist the gods.

Yet we see so called I Ching masters or scholars trying to predict the fortunes of the country they live in, year in year out, giving out wrong predictions most of the time. And still they try.

Would it not have been better to leave the predictions to those – the fortune tellers and fengshui masters - who specialized in it? What is there to compete unless the best fortune tellers and/or fengshui masters in your country give out wrong predictions year in year out? But two wrongs do not make a right!

Therefore if you want to become a real I Ching master, go back up the mountain. And stay there until you get it right most if not all the time.

In this Tiger year of 2010, and unlike the last three years, there seem to be a dearth of annual predictions. In Hong Kong, the news reports say that the fengshui masters are keeping a low profile fearing a public backlash from previous wrong predictions and/or the high profile court case of one from their own profession who challenged a valid will of his dead multi billionaire client. The Judge said in passing that the wealthy fengshui master created a false will to claim the billions of his dead benefactor.

In Malaysia, there were few published predictions on her economy and the stock market for 2010. It could be that those who were getting it wrong over the past few years are being circumspect, it is a moral thing to feel shame, or these masters were possibly slammed by their fees-paying clients for failing them yet again. (If you are interested in what they had predicted over the past three crucial years, read my blog entries during the first quarter of those years.)

Unlike 2009 where one did not side with any of the fortune tellers, fengshui masters, I Ching scholars or masters, I would recommend Malaysians to follow the predictions of the young fengshui master for 2010. He could be right in that the first half year is better than the second half.

And that differs from the CLSA fengshui index 2010 for Hong Kong, in case you are following it for the KLSE stocks trading. But how would I know?

Unless I tell readers something different later this year, be very careful with your investments. Investors could get burned if they take on too much risk. Hope they know what a metal or white tiger can sometimes do to people. (Not much imagination required!)


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