Tuesday, June 01, 2010

China seems to know

Whether readers agree or not, there are seers who can often foresee the future through various means. Arguably the most ancient tool currently still in popular usage to foresee the future is via the consultation of the Book of Changes – I Ching / Yijing / Zhouyi.

Since there is one and a quarter billion of Chinese and that the Book of Changes is an ancient Chinese classic, revered and studied, there will be real masters in China like the Wu (magicians) of old who can obtain well informed and accurate answers from the Yijing on major future world events. When Chinese emperors and kings down the few millennia can rely on prognostications from the Zhouyi to foreknow future events, who is to say that the current leaders in Beijing do not use these masters at all?

While Japan and South Korea may also have produced real Yijing masters, there are many historical, cultural, and even Yi text differences to that of China, and I doubt their governments would rely on Yi prognostications to foreknow the future.

If we continue to observe what these three countries (and others including the US) are doing about the sinking of a South Korean warship, it seems that China knows about the happening of a major future event – a Heaven’s secret -, and therefore trying very hard to defer it yet again.

According to an online report today, China is also trying to persuade Iran to follow United Nations’ nuclear guidelines for the latter.

Perhaps readers do not see what I see, neither would the US, Japan, and South Korea. Therefore you are not alone!

When cornered, a tiger in desperation would turn back and maul the hunters. This type of hunt goes against the grain of ancient Tao and the Zhouyi, and the Way of man.

Fortunately it only happens whenever there is no Tao all under Heaven. There will be peace and quiet on Earth once again for the people when Tao returns. How would I know?


Jesed said...

Indeed!. Nucelar weapons are modern thunders, right?

And there is a great diferencie between "to know fate" and "to model fate".

Let's hope some virtue people can holde the central position.

Allan said...

Hi Jesed,

Nuclear weapons are not modern thunders, but you are on the right track.

Yes, there is a great difference between knowing fate and shaping it. Yi and Daoist students have to learn how to master fate.

China has already announced she holds to the center. Let us see if powerful nations will follow.