Friday, June 04, 2010

Put you on notice

In ancient times, when armies march to war, they do so accompanied by the beating of drums. The drumbeats boost the morale of their own soldiers and if beaten loud enough tend to frighten the opposing army.

In modern times, before armies march to war, drums are no longer used but there is plenty of rhetoric published ‘drumming up’ the support. Some truths, some lies, with vital information hidden from the public view. Experts may call this type of rhetoric, ‘sabre rattling’. Opposing sides will call each other liars. Whatever the other side said would be termed, propaganda.

The war of words and accusations has started and getting louder.

A North Korean deputy ambassador told the UN-sponsored Conference on Disarmament in no uncertain terms:

‘The present situation of the Korean peninsular is so grave that a war may break out any moment.’

A press release by the United Nations yesterday published on Yahoo News online was surprisingly pulled after about half an hour. This press release included the responses by both the South Korean and the US ambassadors to the UN to what the North Korean envoy said in Geneva. Instead of writing out what their Excellencies’ responses were (since they were also not published in other online news media), I will leave it to readers to venture a guess. Hint – look at the second paragraph. Their respective responses could aggravate the already tense situation.

Though few leaders in the world like wars, in this decade we have seen some. And the world has always been told the truth, after the war, if not found out before then!

Meanwhile are you also hearing the ‘drumbeats in the distance’ as events unfold?

P.S. Don’t worry, be happy and enjoy the oncoming FIFA World Cup soccer.


Jesed said...

Hi Allan

Have you read this article? I think it's interesting

Best wishes

Allan said...

Yes, jesed, an interesting article indeed. Thanks.

Apparently, the author is also hearing ‘drumbeats in the distance’.