Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WCG Malaysia CS champions again

The first photo showing the guys holding up the national flag of Malaysia and published by WCG Malaysia is the Sudden Attack team of FMJ. The team formed in 2009 when the quite popular FPS (first person shooter) game developed in South Korea was first introduced in Malaysia and Singapore has won a few nationwide cum Singapore championships. My son, KC better known by his in game nick, nitroN, stands on the left.

But his first love of FPS games remains that of Counter Strike. After winning the WCG Malaysia CS championship in 2008 with Team LZ, he could not form a strong competitive team in 2009 since his teammates have either gone overseas for studies or have decided to play Sudden Attack instead. Four of the guys including him in the SA team of FMJ have won several national CS championships over the years.

Earlier in the year, he was quite happy to inform me that he was able to form a CS team with some of his former teammates. After naming them to me, I mentioned that they are among the best Malaysian CS players. I never asked what the name of his team was until they had reached the finals, since my wife, daughter and I were going to provide support for him, as usual.

They chose the name ‘Old School’ for the team. I guess the names of their more famous teams which they had represented before like Teams FMJ, Hybrid and LZ, and which dominated the Malaysian CS scene for several years have been taken over by other team members.

Unlike what Confucius said, in cyber gaming, it is not the name that counts but the team members!

Their team, Old School, steamrolled or whitewashed the opponents all the way to the final. In the final, they won 2 – 0 in the best of three maps playing against Team LZ, the WCG CS national champions of 2008 and 2009. The former champions, Team LZ only managed to take 2 rounds in the first map and 5 rounds in the second off them. In CS competitions, the first team to reach sixteen (16) rounds wins the map.

The second photo published by shows the WCG Malaysia 2010 CS champions, Team Old School holding up their prizes. KC again stands on the left.

So far in Malaysian CS history, the best performance was by Team FMJ by taking the 5th to 8th placing in the WCG Grand Finals held in Singapore in 2005.

The team was a bit unlucky to have met the eventual grand champion, 3D of USA, in the quarter finals. My family and I were there to support KC playing for Team FMJ then. By comparison, I told KC, the individual skills of this team Old School of 2010 can probably match those of team FMJ of 2005.

But amateurs being amateurs; if the team can go, they may still fail to beat the best professional CS teams of Europe, Asia and the Americas playing in the WCG grand finals to be held in Los Angeles this autumn.


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