Thursday, December 09, 2010

Friends come (Peng Lai) (2)

It is always good to have friends whether we live in the mountains, the valleys, the countryside, towns, or cities. Even if we happen to be hermits, we may need some help from friends now and then.

So would a cultivator of Tao, and sometimes his or her friends could be special in the spiritual sense. These special or true friends may come to help if the need arises.

If we understand certain layers of meaning in Hexagram 39 Jian / Obstruction, we may know why in the midst of the greatest obstructions, friends come. (Refer to previous entry and study the entire hexagram in detail, if interested)

In case scholars and cultivators think otherwise, take at look at what the Judgment of Hexagram 24 Fu / Return say about friends:

Friends come without blame. To and fro goes the Way. (Tao)

The questions, we may need to ask are: why do these friends come, and without blame; who are these friends; and what has the occasion anything to do with Tao?

Perhaps cultivators of Tao or neidan practitioners who read this blog may know the real answer. How would I know?


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Anonymous said...

The moon has pulling power by virtue of it's position and status; friends come.