Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Of students and masters (11)

It could be worthwhile for those who cultivate Tao or practise neidan to spend some time to read the Taobums forum. Especially on threads started by those taught by real masters in China, and where readers may pick up some knowledge on what cultivation or neidan entails. At times, although rare, what is written therein can provide a confirmation of various minor signposts of the Way.

For example, in a recent questions and answers session in Nov / Dec 2010 between Wang LiPing and some students in the West, he was asked what the first signs of success were for an average normal practitioner of his practice. Wang LiPing of Quanzhen is a real neidan teacher recognized by the Chinese government and has gained quite a number of students in China and recently in the West.

According to his official website in English and copied over to the Taobums forum by his students, this was what he said (extracts):

“The first thing following this practice is health improvement. Your energy level increases steadily. This sign is important but is not the most important.

The most important thing is when you transform your XIN LING, when you change your soul, so that you have more wisdom and more faith.....

In a next phase the practice will change your body internals, your organs and internal functions so that your immunity will increase. You'll never get the flu again.

While it is good that a well respected teacher like Wang Liping confirms in public that a neidan practitioner will have his or her immunity increased in the next phase; from experience, it could be circumspect to say that never to get the flu again is conditional upon continual meditation practice.

Of course if neidan practitioners still have 24/7 Qi flows even without continual meditation over a period of time, they can cure the oncoming flu with heat from their palms before the flu gets full blown. Those so interested can refer to my older entries on Thermal healing [in 2005]; and on how the Shi (masters) can help cure Swine Flu or H1N1 posted both in this blog and in the Taobums forum in 2009, to gain a better perspective on the matter.

Even if we managed to get our immunity up in this next phase and not likely to get flu again one way or other, it can be considered only a minor achievement for neidan practitioners since the ancient classics, the great masters and the Zhen Ren did not mention the immunity to Flu in their teachings. But how would I know?


wingnut said...

Actually, they say that opening your xiao zhoutian is the "cure to 100 diseases."

Your immunity should be vastly boosted at that point and so you probably shouldn't get the flu anymore. Although, your immunity may increase sufficiently even before that point to ward off the flu.

For instance, mine's not even open yet and I don't know if I've EVER gotten the flu yet? Seasonal cold - sure.* But flu - I don't think so..

* Even these have become less frequent and of far less severity & duration. My most recent one only lasted about a week and was basically just some minor sinus congestion. No sore throat, coughing or anything in the lungs..

Allan said...

Thanks for sharing your experience, wingnut.

Rather than just opening with your interesting statement, it could make the discussion more meaningful, if you can provide some names or direct quotes from them, and some examples of the 100 diseases and how they are cured.

Then probably readers can investigate and learn more, if they wish to.