Thursday, February 16, 2012

That great light from heaven

Yi aficionados and scholars know there is much wisdom contained in the ancient classic, the Book of Changes. To understand something very deep, we may have to dig into our reserves. In a way, it could be easier for the ethnic Chinese because of their upbringing to understand more of what is written in the Yijing, since ancient wisdoms pervade Chinese civilization.

But just like the diligent Yi aficionados in the West, the ethnic Chinese still have to put in as much effort by pondering, doing research where necessary, or even asking the ShenXian (Daoist deities and celestial immortals), if and when a rare opportunity arises, to arrive at a more meaningful understanding of what the Yi wanted to say or teach.

After all, who can say for certain that our understanding of the Zhouyi and the ten wings is deep enough and/or our interpretation of the prognostications will be correct all the time?

Take for instance the prognostication given by the Yi about heaven sending down a great light to help the people. (Also refer to entry, “The returning great light” on February 4, 2011)

In the Commentary on the Decision (the 1st and 2nd Wings) of Hexagram 42 Yi / Increase, Confucius commented:

Decreasing what is above and increasing what is below;

then the joy of the people is boundless.

What is above places itself under what is below:

This is the way of the great light.

And it furthers one to undertake something:

Central, correct, and blessed.


In this entry, I will only provide the framework taken from the Yi for the esoteric and the deep thinkers to come up with the reason why the great light was sent, what or whom does it represent, how this light can help the people, and who these people are?

The complete set of answers to the questions raised could be obtained in the Wilhelm translation. Regular readers should take note that this entry is also about world events. How would I know?

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Anonymous said...

42 for time related to Dec?
what kind of world event Alan?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, if someone wants to share something, it's better telling it plainly...more sincere I think.

If not, better not to share it at all. Just my2cents.