Thursday, May 31, 2012

An accurate Guan Yin Oracle (3)

Oracles and prognostications are deemed accurate when future events unfold accordingly before our very eyes.

Since 2006, regular readers and followers of this blog would have witnessed many of the Yijing omens relating to future global events - some happy, others ominous - unfolding exactly after they were blogged (double checked the datelines with the respective occurred events, if you so wish). There was even a first live test case study on a particular stock (GT) as the Yi prognostications on it unfolded.

The global financial crisis started exactly on the predicted date in September 2008 (Lehman’s collapse). And the able went into hiding, in line with advice from both Confucius and Mencius.

Of the several accurate omens on global events in 2009 which unfolded accordingly to what were blogged, the ‘PIGS’ crisis prognosis (credit crisis in Europe) is still unfolding and remain unresolved. Also read the 2011 omen on Revolution (‘Arab Spring’).

Therefore there is nothing else to prove to an anonymous latecomer who snidely commented in the second article on this Guan Yin Oracle that “It is always (sic) easy to comments (sic) after the event”.

Just hope that this particular latecomer, if an investor, has not lost his or her shirt since the May 7, 2012 article. Commodities and global stock markets have fallen heavily since then. According to a Bloomberg TV report today, 4.5 trillion dollars have been wiped off global stock markets just in this month of May.

Perhaps, unlike regular readers, the latecomer did not see or understand this particular hint provided in the second article:

Disposing of them for profit during the expected rally; and in line with the timing from a prognostication from the Book of Changes reduced stockholdings to a very manageable level, just before the rally ended. Share prices have fallen quite a bit since.

Will commodities and share prices in global stock markets have further to fall?

Do not ask this mere mortal (me); go ask the ShenXian (the real or the false). Why should I, morally or otherwise, be responsible for readers’ gains and/or losses in their investments?



Anonymous said...

"Perhaps, unlike regular readers, the latecomer did not see or understand this particular hint provided in the second article"

Exactly, it's not a hint...from 100 reader, I could say 99 would not consider it as a hint except 1 = the author :)

Allan said...

From both your comments, it shows that you intend to disparage my writings and out to insult the intelligence of regular readers.

If you are that particular Mr. Ng from Malaysia, for your own sake I suggest you desist from such actions or refrain from reading this blog. Like Tao, Heaven works in mysterious ways.

In reply to your above comment, friends and kin quite often called up and zoomed in on the provided hints on previous published articles relating to investments. Having a keen eye on details, being accountants and/or auditors, or working with stock brokers could help.

If your next comment contains more disparagement, it will be deleted.