Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ancient method of the Holy Sages

Superior virtue
Inferior virtue
Non doing
And doing

And Earth
And Square

Respectively for the pure
And the impure,
Yet both need to complete
The inside out and the outside in

With utmost emptiness
And guarding assured stillness
Qi circulates with the light
All day and night

The talented, having a gift from Heaven, will see the mystical light
In Xin Zhai, Zhuangzi described the same light
But by getting too engrossed with this text
Daoist history has shown that they were lax

While important it is, to see the light
Providing many a delight
It is just a start to tread the Way
A baby step in the far journey which sway(s)

Witness the mysterious gate(s)
If one knows what is good, of late
By keeping the dark at bay
Catch glimpses of the vast and profound Way

Sages tell of this wondrous Way
Of stars and galaxies billion light years away
That can be within sight
One ingredient is the mystical light

Hearing gods in the valley
Shows good aptitude
Do not be misled by yin forces into a dark alley
Otherwise one could lose the rectitude

An important signpost in the ancient classics
Is the space between Heaven and Earth!
Stretchable and shrinkable, this space is like elastics
It stores yang qi and real fire with no dirt

Adepts need to find this bellows
Otherwise, the medicine will not be cooked
In search of excellence, practise until it mellows
With gifts from heaven, this they cannot overlook

Since it encompasses the Ways of Heaven, Earth and Man
Tao adepts witness eternal signposts of the Promised Land (Way)
By following this method of the holy sages
They returned to destiny, down the ages



Over the years, I have written several articles on Neidan (Inner Alchemy) by collating and presenting information obtained from the two ancient classics - the Book of Changes and the Dao De Jing - ; the four Confucian books; Buddhist sutras and Daoist texts; quite often checking with my learned Quanzhen Daoist friend in case my interpretation or understanding is incorrect.

Therefore it is sometimes laughable when trolls come along to claim that they can teach me more on the subject without dropping any convincing hints or remarks of their “in-depth knowledge” of neidan. Perhaps these so claimed teachers are under the delusion that they know more than the Holy Sages, Laozi, the Buddha, and the Daoist celestial immortals. They also presume that they can determine my level of practice going just by the writings in the blog. If the divine and the Zhen Ren did not reveal the secrets of the Way, do you think this mere mortal dare to do that?

However, where my level of neidan practice is actually at is really unimportant, since most of the articles on the subject are collated from and/or referenced to the classics and texts. Travelers of the Way can always try to discern the truth contained in this latest post and do their own further research there from.

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Mark said...

Thanks Allan for your excellent posts. I enjoy your blog and it helps me in my own exploration of neidan practice and study.
Keep up the good work.