Friday, June 29, 2012

Update on free lunches and other things

The free lunch provided to senior citizens in the US and Europe in late October 2008 with a request to do their homework before buying US and UK blue chips at their historical or new lows probably would have made some money for those who followed through with the suggestion. There was a big rebound in the global stock markets a year later.

The free lunch provided to Malaysian retirees in late October 2010 suggesting that they keep their retirement sum in the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), and to those who have already taken the sum out to buy Government bonds and not to invest in foreign currencies unless they are sophisticated enough could bear fruits this year. Since many are expecting the country’s economy to weaken further and the central bank has already started to reduce the easy credit, made readily available to consumers or households over the past few years.

With the current ongoing outflow of foreign funds from emerging and Asian economies to the US, borrowing the falling US dollar in 2010, for example, to bet on higher rate paying currencies would have burned many an investor. (A lesson perhaps not learnt well from the Asian financial crisis.)

The Book of Changes has had already informed this student about these outflows a few months earlier, the reason for selling down my shares. (Think about timing, and repeatable interpretations of Yi prognostications based on extended experience.)

Those who had already bought the 2009 (3 year) Government bonds for retirees and the general public would have received or about to receive their monies on maturity. Together with those who have kept their monies in the EPF on retirement, they could be akin to fish swimming in liquidity. While Pigs cry, Fish laughs.

These free lunches and the omens are meant for individuals – the general reading public – and are not meant for institutions. If institutions also want freebies, then no one including the individuals will get any.

When I realized that contractors working for US agencies are being paid to monitor the omens on my blog and interpreting them where required; I decided to present omens in cryptic messages from thereon.

Therefore, a different presentation was made on the ‘Pigs cry and Fish laughs’ omen making it extremely difficult for any Yi aficionado to decipher, including those particular gainfully employed contractors who possess some expertise in Yi studies. (I am aware that one uses a particular pseudonym while another probably has since passed on. Yes, I do have some sixth sense and do spend time reading Yi Forums.)

The same can be said for the Great Light from Heaven omen. Even with several hints provided, deep thinkers and Yi scholars – if they were reading it – have yet to decipher or interpreted the omen. (This comment also serves to answer the statement on sincerity made by an anonymous reader in that article.)

If institutions want to know more about forthcoming omens and prognostications in advance:

That can affect the safety of their country and citizens, or

On the timing of expected huge swings in the global financial markets, or

On anything else which matters to them?

They are welcome to contact this author by leaving a short note and an email address. Discussions, if any, will be treated private and confidential.

The good things I have learned from prior years’ observations are these:

1) Omens can be averted not only by the charisma of rulers and/or by experienced diviners. There is an additional method which application has averted the ‘Rockets in the south east region’ omen. I may blog about this method later but no promises. (The lady from Hawaii would probably know something about it. Some readers may have thought at the time that I was being presumptuous when I mentioned to her in the comments column that the US government also reads my blog.)

2) I still have faults in the accuracy in interpreting omens given by the Book of Changes. Lazy me. There was an omen which had indicated a nuclear incident in the North East region – from the direction of Malaysia - several months before its actual occurrence. I thought it would be related to North Korea and the US in the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan, but the omen was actually on the March 2011 nuclear mishap in Japan. (Blogged in 2010 as nuclear or silent weapons will be used.)

3) According to the (missing and recently found) Chapter Yao in the Analects, Confucius told his student, Zigong, the accuracy rate of his divination can be up to 70 percent. Perhaps because of this, Confucius requires more years to study the Book of Changes so that he would be free from great faults.

4) While my Yi divination accuracy has been rated much higher than 70 percent by friends and my late father in the past, as a Yi student, I would probably need more years than the great sage, Confucius has requested for, to perfect it, but verily doubt Heaven would grant me my wish.

5) Therefore from now on I would have to be extra careful, diligent, and observant each time the Book of Changes gives me an omen or a prognostication to raise the accuracy rate perhaps a step closer to perfection.

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