Monday, June 18, 2012

An accurate omen from a Quanzhen Celestial Immortal

Twenty years ago, in my presence, my learned Daoist friend presented a cryptic message to a mutual friend (B). He said that the message was given by his ancestor master, a Quanzhen Celestial Immortal, to him (B). B proceeded to read the cryptic message on his fortune and exclaimed with prescience:

“If I have that much money to lose, I must be very rich by then.”

Both of them remarked that the Iron Lady mentioned in the message must be very fierce to cause B to lose the huge sum of money. (Names and the actual amounts will remain undisclosed for confidentiality purposes, and to avoid embarrassment, if any. Suffice it to say that the deposit interests on the amount can maintain a wealthy lifestyle for most families.)

According to them, the gist of the omen read as follows:

“When the Iron Lady appears, you will lose X plus millions of ringgit. You will receive good advice from a person with a lot of expertise (Gao Ren) but you would disbelieve him.”

Thinking that the Gao Ren is most likely the Quanzhen Celestial Immortal, B requested the Daoist to seek permission for him to become a disciple of the divinity. Over the spate of a few years, the Daoist tried hard to seek such permission for B but each time the divinity rebuffed the requests with valid reasons. (These reasons will remain secrets between the Daoist and me.)

At the time in question (in1992), Margaret Thatcher was still known as the ‘Iron Lady’ but she was no longer the British Prime Minister; therefore I was also at a loss as to the identity of the Iron Lady.

Over the years there from, I had provided various advices and strategies to B to help him build up his corporate empire. The various projects I happened to agree with or had advised upon made huge profits while those I have had disagreed with, more often than not, lost him tens of millions.

Then one day, B asked for my opinion on one big corporate exercise that would cost him several tens of millions. I had indicated to him that it was too expensive. A few days later, he told me of his decision to proceed with it and requested me to attend the forthcoming numerous meetings and conferences. Half way through the exercise, I dropped out of the scene for personal reasons, since he was already in capable hands with the appointment of various expert advisers.

After the corporate exercise took off, B told me that he had a discussion with a major corporate figure who also told him it was too expensive. The corporate figure mentioned that he would only pay a quarter of what B had to pay for it.

The years passed by and B decided to unwind the entire corporate exercise since it was not as fruitful as he first thought.

When I read the news, I told my learned Daoist friend that true to the Quanzhen Celestial Immortal’s omen, B lost the X plus millions of ringgit just when the Iron Lady appeared. My Daoist friend has long forgotten about the entire episode. (You see what old age does to our memories at times!) But I did not explain to him how the Iron Lady came into the picture.

Neither would I divulge her to readers, lest I get sued for nothing. Scour the newspapers or read the news online and you may get close to her identity.

It was not the film titled The Iron Lady as I first thought. By coincidence, the timing of its release in my country appeared simultaneously with the news on the unwinding exercise. Later I realized from experience that cryptic messages from this particular Celestial Immortal are not that easy and simple to decipher.

Lastly take a guess who that person with a lot of expertise (Gao Ren) is? Probably your guess is as good as mine. It does not really matter if we are both wrong. Fate is difficult to change or to master as the learned and the wise can tell you.

B had shown prescience on his forthcoming vast fortune and by now could handle the huge loss. And the rest is history as the saying goes.

If readers are still unclear as to why the omen is accurate, reread the gist of the message:

When the Iron Lady appears, you will lose X plus millions of ringgit. You will receive good advice from a person with a lot of expertise (Gao Ren) but you would disbelieve him.

Probably the accurate omen took twenty years to unfold because in 1992 B was still struggling to find his financial footing and certainly was not that wealthy then to afford that type of loss.

As indicated before, when an omen or oracle is accurate, the correct interpretation of it is of utmost importance.

And I told my learned Daoist friend the other day:

If you keep forgetting these accurate omens which are good for the name of your ancestor master and the Quanzhen temple, one day you may get a knock on the head from the divinity!


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