Saturday, July 14, 2012

Recent guidance from the Yijing and the Guan Yin Oracle

As indicated in the article on May 7, 2012 titled “An accurate Guan Yin Oracle (2)”, the oracle (Qin) obtained on August 31, 2011 has had clarified several earlier prognostications from the Book of Changes (Yijing) , however I did not reveal more than that, since it was irrelevant at the time. In this discussion, I will reveal more of the recent guidance from the Yijing and the Guan Yin Oracle.

Firstly, I wish to reiterate that cryptic messages including omens from divinities and the Yijing cannot simply be revealed to others. Heaven secrets and omens are meant for private consumption. However, discussing the received cryptic message(s) in private with someone more knowledgeable to help with an early interpretation is perfectly alright. If divinities and/or the Yijing want to guide us to meet everything in the right way and yet we choose to ignore this divine help, we will not learn how to master our fate.

Two of the Yijing prognostications, and clarified by the Guan Yin Oracle, relate to my books writing questions. The answer to the question on writing a book on ‘Ancient Chinese meditation’ was that of Hexagram 34 Da Zhuang / Power of the Great and the Image says:

Thus the Junzi (superior person) does not tread upon paths that do not accord with established order.’

The answer to the question on writing a book on ‘Omens and Heaven’s secrets’ came in the form of Hexagram 22 Bi / Grace and the bottom line prognostication says:

He lends grace to his toes, leaves the carriage, and walk.’

And the Bi Hexagram changed to that of Hexagram 52 Gen / Keeping Still.

While I understood that the Yijing did not agree with my writing of the books, a few months later, Guan Yin provided further clarity on the guidance with this main theme:

This oracle describes the emptiness of name and title. Like pomp and human vanity, they are empty and worthless. So you should be more realistic and true to your own nature.’

By observing recent events on the blog, including the (now published) open offer from Steve Moore to a co-authorship in the translation of the Ma Qian Ke, the two Yijing prognostications and this main theme from the Guan Yin oracle together are unfolding before my very eyes. (The published offer from Steve Moore is in the comments section of ‘A talk on omens and prophecies from the Yijing’ article, for those interested.)

All three prognostications also relate to the prophecies of Zhuge Liang in his Ma Qian Ke, of which, by coincidence again, three prophecies therein have yet-to-unfold, for the following reasons:

While I can also read and interpret these yet-to-unfold prophecies of Zhuge Liang for my own knowledge, the interpretations cannot be explicitly revealed to the general public and institutions. For the writing of such explicit interpretations in the blog and/or in a book form tantamount to treading paths that do not accord to established order. (Similar to revealing undisclosed secrets on ancient Chinese meditation or neidan practices) The Junzi would rather walk than ride in a carriage, if it does not accord to his station in life and to his own nature. And the purpose of explicitly revealing omens and prophecies before they unfold for name and title is empty and worthless; especially if the published revelations of the yet-to-unfold prophecies bring harm, if any, to China. Again, this does not accord to established order. (The above three paragraphs will also serve to explain the reasons why I cannot accept and have not accepted the offer of a co-authorship from Steve Moore.)

The recent guidance from the Yijing and Guan Yin would uphold the very reasons why I will continue to write forthcoming omens and the yet-to-unfold prophecies of Zhuge Liang in code or cryptic messages. The yet-to-unfold 12th prophecy in the Ma Qian Ke will appear in this particular form. Since to decipher the cryptic messages would also prove difficult for Yijing aficionados, including the experts and scholars, until they unfold before our very eyes; and thereafter I will follow up with explanations so that readers and I can learn things together.



Anonymous said...

Quote :
I wish to reiterate that cryptic messages including omens from divinities and the Yijing cannot simply be revealed to others.

Comments :
I disagree...maybe comments below from Alex Chiu ( represent those who like to keep secret...

I must griefly admit that Chinese people love to keep secrets, which is a very bad thing. I recently saw a news report about a Chinese opera performer who can change masks very quickly. When the reporter asked him, "Can you show the audiences how you change your masks?" That opera performer replied, "Sorry. I will only pass down this trick to my son. I will not teach this trick to anyone who is not blood-related to me."

I doubt that his son will be willing to learn that stupid trick from that idiot when the son grows up. His trick will be lost, and he will carry his little trick into his grave. Nobody will remember him, and certainly nobody will care about his little mask-changing trick. But so many important discoveries and secrets were lost this way. Doctors keep secrets. Craftsmen keep secrets. Musicians keep secrets. I don't know why Chinese people always think like this. Maybe the ancient Chinese did not have patent and copyright laws. So the general Chinese philosophy was poisoned by this 'keeping secret' thing. I personally believe that China might be one of the most advanced nation today if the ancient Chinese had patent and copyright laws because the Chinese are not stupid people.

Allan said...

Fine, anonymous, you should go to Alex Chiu’s website more often to get fish; lest you starve here.