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Cryptic commentary on the twelfth prophecy of Ma Qian Ke

[No. 12 Undated]

Prediction no: 12---------------------- 011110----------------- upper middle
The assessment is ‘good’.

Zheng huan jiu nan----------------------------------------------------- Shi wei sheng ren
Yang fu er chi------------------------------------------------------------ Hui ji sheng ming

Saving from calamity and distress-------------------------- This (can) only (be the work of) a sage
The yang returns and restores order----------------------- The utmost darkness brings forth light

The image yin yang yang yang yang yin is of the hexagram Da Gou (No. 28, ‘Preponderance of the Great’).

The Ma Qian Ke, accredited to the renowned Zhuge Liang of the Shu Han, comprising of fourteen prophecies including the above twelfth prophecy on the destiny of China has been preliminary translated by Steve Moore into Pinyin and English. The Ma Qian Ke preliminary translation is accessible right under the Resources / Links.


Of the fourteen prophecies in the Ma Qian Ke accredited to Zhuge Liang also known as Kongming down the almost two millennia, the twelfth prophecy could hold special interest for many people and the Chinese.

Firstly, the prophecy has yet-to-unfold. Secondly, it foretells the destiny of China and how the Chinese could be affected. Thirdly, this prophecy could unfold during our lifetime which would prove interesting to witness, as seeing is believing. And in this modern world, the predicted events could also affect other nations and people outside of China. Fourthly, eminent Yijing experts and scholars including those in China will find this twelfth prophecy extremely difficult to interpret. Since even the renowned Zhuge Liang has had to raise his supernatural skills a few notches higher to decipher it before writing down his interpretation in four cryptic verses; as a comparison to his other prophecies in the Ma Qian Ke. Lastly, scholars of the Yijing and/or ancient Chinese philosophy who happen to do research on this particular prophecy will find no equivalent method of Yijing divination (or interpretation) down the ages – including those depicted in the Zuo Zhuan, and in my blog. And therefore, probably the supernatural divination skills of both renowned Shao Yong and Liu Bowen will not quite measured up to that of Zhuge Liang’s.

The adepts in Yijing divination and interpretation who attempt or have attempted to interpret this prophecy will also find their skills wanting, and most would probably give it up halfway through. However, if they happen to possess a touch of spiritual clarity (Shen Ming), it would be quite evident that there was a sudden elevation of Kongming’s divination skills put into this interpretation. This extraordinary method is something I have not come across before, even in the Zuo Zhuan, or have had practised. Without the ability to recognize this evidence and with few having the ability to divine like a spirit (Shen); it is not surprising to find that this twelfth prophecy has yet to be deciphered.

Because of this big increase in the difficulty level, I have to spend much more time pondering over it than those spent on my prior interpretations of received Yijing omens and of the few unfolded prophecies in the Ma Qian Ke, to understand what was prophesied. It is rather fortunate and probably fate-at-work that the Yijing has given to me the numerous omens (global and/or private) to interpret over the decades, including the omen on the global financial crisis in 2008 followed by four global omens in 2009 and for practice. Together with the hints provided by a Quanzhen celestial immortal back in 1993 to raise my art and science of divination skills (and my neidan meditation) over the past two decades, I am lucky to possess the ability to interpret this particular prophecy where probably the many eminent personages before me had failed to do so.

If the prophecy is not interpreted before its actual unfolding, those interested will only come to know of it based on hindsight instead of foresight; and therefore, this presentation of my interpretation in the blog before it unfolds.

However, since it does not accord with established order to explicitly disclose the yet-to-unfold prophecy which can likely bring harm, if any, to China and her people in the modern world context; I have written the interpretation in the form of cryptic messages, and perhaps a tad deeper than usual. Therefore, any request for clarification on it or on the method used will not be entertained. (Also refer to Note: 5)

Although the cryptic commentary is lengthier than usual, it attempts to capture the foreseeable ominous and happy scenarios in China, as depicted by the prophecy. If it unfolds accordingly, the entire credit goes to the sage and immortal, Zhuge Liang, since it is his prophecy.

The thunder storm(s) that had made a constant appearance over the past decade, whenever I draft forthcoming global omens for online publishing, have also reappear as I write out these explanations. Perhaps, a significant sign – since I am blogging a yet-to-unfold prophecy (or omen) not received by me. While the clash of thunder is still loud, it is no longer that close and frightening as those experienced several years ago whenever I draft forthcoming global omens in an explicit manner and/or when I am about to over-reveal secrets of Heaven. Just as sudden as its appearance, the thunder storm in a likewise fashion simply faded away. The mysteries of Tao and Heaven!

Together with the commentary, I will submit the reasons – cause and effect - for this prophecy before presenting the indications of its cryptic verses to readers. Without further ado, I present my cryptic commentary on the yet-to-unfold twelfth prophecy in the Ma Qian Ke:

Cause and effect:

Ways of Man and Earth forgotten

Incompetents run nation; inferior men ruin economy

Lake rises above tree; Coffins for the dead

Extreme caution, exhorts Confucius.

Calamities and disasters result

Cryptic commentary on the four verses of the twelfth prophecy:

Wind blows all under heaven; Lake rises up to heaven

Earth under water, pigs cry; lake about dry.

In total darkness, loud wailing moves heaven.

A sage arises from Xun* to bring salvation.

Great light descends; Worthies emerge for the rescue.

Restore the central correct and blessed.

Young and old joyously strive to remove the darkest.

No blame, in giving up one’s life. A blessing in disguise; Heaven reprise

Preponderance of the Great


1) While my cryptic commentary is lengthier than the cryptic verses in the Ma Qian Ke, it details events and explains the cause and effects of Change.

2) My interpretation happens to be similar to the method Zhuge Liang used to interpret the hexagrams that accompanied his various prophecies. It includes pondering on the hexagram, the images, the trigrams, and their attributes. To rise to the occasion and to comprehend this twelfth prophecy, I followed his extraordinary method of interpretation. And it works!

3) *Xun contains a double meaning. A further explanation will be given on or after the appearance of that sage. That is if I am still around!

4) Although the attached fortune indication is upper middle or good, I verily believe it has been corrupted by an inferior man, somewhere down the ages. Based on various experiences with this particular Hexagram 28 Da Gou, the fortune indication should instead read lower middle or bad, the direct opposite of good.

5) In the modern world context, if readers understand or have seen how hedge funds and the ‘Masters of the Universe’ have had ferociously ‘attacked’ the currency and financial markets of a perceived weakened nation for huge gains; the wise may realize why this yet-to-unfold prophecy and my commentary on it have to remain in cryptic form. The principle of ‘accord with established order’ is of importance to the Junzi and worthies down the ages – as shown by the prophecies in the Ma Qian Ke, for example.

Allan Lian

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