Monday, August 13, 2012

Feedback on readership

Firstly, a warm welcome to all readers with thanks for your continued support.

Since changing the statistics counter to Google, I can provide a better feedback on the readership of the blog.

People from the United States of America form the largest group of readers; probably because they tend to read more than others, which is a good thing. While most of the blogged articles can be considered technical, the Americans also have diverse interests and therefore their continued support of the blog is much appreciated.

Malaysian readers form the second largest group of readers; probably they want to support a fellow Malaysian, and to know the timing on the local share market. The younger readers tend to read the articles on the best teams of Counter Strike 1.6 in Malaysia. Something for the young and old!

The third largest group of readers comes from the United Kingdom; probably because they tend to read up on technical aspects on the Book of Changes and want to know something more about immortals and the Chinese ancients.

Next in line are the Australians, the Canadians followed by Singaporeans, Europeans, Indonesians, Indians, and many other citizens of the world.

Lately the Chinese from mainland China are making a comeback to read the blog; probably attracted by the articles on the Ma Qian Ke ascribed to Zhuge Liang, and also not to miss out on the recent talk on Omens!

But surprisingly for the past one month or so, many Russians are coming to read the articles on neidan and Tao cultivation, with some requiring Google English-to-Russian translations. They form the third largest group of readers for the month, after those from the US and Malaysia respectively, outnumbering British readers.

Since May 2012, Singaporeans have been thoroughly enjoying themselves reading up on the articles on ‘An accurate Guan Yin Oracle’ while some readers are probably making money in their Singapore Stock Exchange – the best market performer in Asia since May according to online global business media. Singaporean devotees who regularly pray in Guan Yin temples in their country can learn something on interpretation of the oracle (qin) from these articles.

The perennial favorite article in the blog is ‘Thoughts on Hexagram 62 Xiao Guo / Preponderance of the Small’ written on August 17, 2005. The few days spent on writing it - because of sensitivities involved - did not go wasted. The popularity could be because of my differing view with that of Stephen Karcher – an American author of several books on the I Ching – and his ‘student’ on the hexagram. Readers can also learn something about omens from the article, if interested.

The second most read article is ‘Hua Hu Ching’ written on April 27, 2005. A fictitious book claimed to be written by Laozi and which contained several disputable facts. The dark side is usually alluring, therefore its popularity!

Fast gaining popularity is the article, ‘Basic breath control’, dated April 3, 2006. The health conscious and those intending to take up neidan practice could find it useful.

Two of the most popular articles based on recent month page-views are ‘An accurate Guan Yin Oracle (2)’ dated May 7, 2012 and ‘The concept of duality’ dated December 11, 2007.

Enjoy your reading.

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